Happy to help- 139

Last night i was standing at New Delhi railway station waiting for Jhelum Express which was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 P.M but unfortunately and not surprisingly was 45 mins late. There was no announcement of Jhelum and i was pissed off waiting there among huge crowd of people. Suddenly from nowhere a number flashed before my eyes- 139. WOW!!! This is railway enquiry. I took out my phone and called 139 half-heartedly as this is just a number provided by Railways to tell people about the existence of such a service but it has never worked before. But yesterday the call was picked in just one ring and a sweet voice said,
Welcome to railway Enquiry!!!
Press 1 for Hindi and 2 for English!!
After that my call was transferred to customer care executive and i got my query answered. I was overjoyed. Good news for all of you and go ahead and call "139".
A short interview with Mr Raj:
Nishit: Thanks for accepting my invitation
Mr Raj: &#$^##^*((*)^$^$&^(In Marathi)
Nishit: So you must be happy after MNS getting good share of seats than BJP-SS
Mr Raj: ^&^#$^#$*#&(*&(&*( Again in Marathi)
Nishit: What are your plans as a opposition?
Mr Raj: %^%^&%^&&*^*^&^&*^*( Marathi again)
Nishit: Sir this is an english channel. I request you to please speak in English
Mr Raj: %^&%&^**&*(&*(
Nishit: Thank you very much and we will never call you again.

Last week i watched an interview of Mr Raj on NDTV where he didn't say any word in English or Hindi. And today when ABU Azmi took oath in hindi MNS workers created a fuss during assembly session. What's going on in India called secular, democratic ? How can a group of people force anyone to do what they don't like? Who the fuck are these people and why is our judiciary system fails before them. What you call such acts: an act of dictatorship or fascism!!!!!


Ankesh at Talk said…
Buddy he is an asshole.. I month ago before d election same thing happen wid Rajib Sardesai when he interviewes Mr. Raj... Dey are d assholes dividing India..

nyways.. congrats for connecting d railways customer care..:-)
Even I had connectd it once was surprise to see d response... Didi is doing gr8 to be CM.. atlest Railways is on rite track..
Nishit_Vasudeva said…
Yup bro.......chalo kuch to acha ho raha hai :P
Uncommon Sense said…
the congress which is the ruling party doesnt do anything to the MNS because mns helps in making the shivsena-bjp combine weak..

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