Managing the Waste: Understanding the Rules

I hope you must have thoroughly read my earlier posts on #SolidWasteManagement and I expect we are now on the same page. Before we move further, I would like to share a piece from Daily Excelsior (a popular newspaper published in #JammuAndKashmir), dated 22 November 2018 - The division bench of state high court has directed the state govt. to frame model #SolidWasteManagement Bye-laws within a period of six weeks and make sure it is adhered by all local bodies strictly. First let us understand what #SWM 2016 rules are. As a citizen of this country it is our primary responsibility to be aware of the rules which are being taken by the govt. for the betterment of the society. The following points 2,3,5,6, 7 and 10 are must for households and residential colonies. Point 13 is for street vendors and point 16. 17, 18 is for product companies to incorporate such practices in which they crea…

Intro to Solid Waste Management

What is Garbage? Any item which has served its purpose or is of no use to humans is discarded in trash can. Normally we can find kitchen waste, expired medicines, dry waste and unused plastic in the trash. No wonder it is rightly called as ‘Use Me’ and we also use is ruthlessly. Did we ever think how we can make use of waste for good? No. Solid Waste Management comes in action for you. #SWMis collecting, treating and disposing of solid waste in a well managed way. Improper disposal of solid waste effects environment badly. It also leads to outbreak of vector- borne diseases – diseases spread by rodents and insects. To implement #SWM in our society, there are social, administrative and economic challenges to be handled first.
We have seen huge piles of garbage lying alongside the road or streets waiting for the Municipal garbage pickup van to arrive. Until it arrives it acts as a playground of street dogs that scatter the waste here and there. Why such a system exists in the first pl…

A #MeToo Affair

Social Media is such a powerful tool which gives the powerless an immense power to mold it to his/her benefit accordingly. It seems as if people are carrying an FIR system with them all the time. You just vent out all your harrowing experience and click 'submit'. The information spreads like wildfire getting instant 'Likes' and 'Share'. And if the victim is a woman, then the entire hardcore feminist group will blindly support the victim. I wonder did they ever bother to hear the other side of the story. The issue is extrapolated to such a level that the other person loses his ground and even if he/she tries to put forward his/her point, it is stashed in the backyard. Today I am going to share my personal opinion about the #MeToo series of allegations by our pretty ladies of #Bollywood on producers, directors and co-actors. The #MeToo fire was started by Tanushree Dutta who accused Nana Patekar of 'lurking' around on the sets of 'Horn Ok Please'…

Vaadi Herbals

Vaadi Herbals is proud of its knowledge of herbs and their uses, passed on by its parent company; involved in the business of manufacturing and supply of Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals since the last 150 years. Vaadi Herbals embarked upon its journey in the direction of herbal cosmetics and personal care products using an ideal blend of Ayurveda together with modern sciences and formulations. Our company has its plants and warehouses based in Delhi, India since 2006 and started with its exports to several countries soon after. Currently we export to over 15 countries such as USA, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, China, Norway, Hongkong, France, United Kingdom etc. and have received phenomenal response for most of the products that we offer. With over 300 stock keeping units, there is a huge variety in the categories of Hair, Skin, Body, Facial, Foot and Gifting kits. Our products are suitable for all hair and skin types, making them widely acceptable in International markets. (Source: ht…


It all started four years ago. I was working as a software engineer in Bangalore. One fine Friday evening at Electronic City Phase-2, my roommate and I were ready to enter the trance state of Old Monk with homemade cooked desi chicken, my phone started ringing.
Shit!!! Dad calling. 
I rushed out in the open to feel a gasp of fresh air and answered the call in 5 rings.
Hello! I am fine papa. How are you? ”Dinner हो गया बेटा ?” I replied, ”हंजी, बस पाँच मिनिट में  करेंगे ”. I lied but they never know this 5 minute will be 500 minutes very soon once the party is on.
After dad, the control was passed to the high command: my mother. After the usual हाल-चाल टॉक, the moment came when my mother threw a bomb,” We have received a perfect match for you and now you need to plan your travel to Jammu and see the girl”. I said,”आपने देखी है तो ठीक ही होगी”. I pretended to be a सज्जन बेटा. But I had a parallel thought running in my mind,”यार एक बार लड़की की फोटो माँग ले. First level of check हो जाए…

S’ik’cular India.

India got its name from Indus valley civilisation (3300 – 1300 BC), probably one of the well known and developed civilisations. Based on the historical facts available on internet, we find that the people of Indus valley preached 3 religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. To support the argument, archaeologists have unearthed artefacts such as stone portraits of mother goddess (see pic), a father god who we consider as synonymous to Lord Shiva acting as a progenitor of the race. Further evidences pertaining to worshipping of Pipal or Acasia tree by the locals to guard them against evil forces. They followed the ritual of criminating the dead along with some offerings and last but not the least, the Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro can be thought of as a sacred tank which we find today in various temples and sacred places of worship where people take bath and purify their soul and body.

On the contrary, the first evidence of Islam in India can be traced back to 7th century AD.  Cheraman J…

Space War


It is a bright sunny Sunday morning and Raghu as usual is insisting to play his favorite game – ‘Alien Attack’. After an hour of his stubbornness, his mother gave in and told him to go but warned him to be back before dark. Kids as usual don’t pay heed to parent’s advice. He called Ram to join his bandwagon. Soon after Raghu, Ram and Alia went to nearby park with their mission kit to play Alien attack. In the meantime they were discussing about their playing strategy, Alia’s got distracted by a sharp reflection of white light. She got curious and followed the reflection. In a couple of minutes, she shouted and her other two companions joined her. A big oval shaped thing was lying before them with a glass window on top. Suddenly the window opened and they could see three chairs in it. All of them stepped inside and took their respective seats. The window top closed. The mysterious machine started beeping loudly. The trio got scared. Soon after a message in bold r…