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.......Convert (अगला भाग)

Many times I wonder why people around you especially women/ladies look at guys with huge beard with different perspective as if the guy is a Goon/Casanova/Anti-Social Element. For them I have only one
thing to say,"Bugger|Burger Off...." with a few exceptions. I am helpless before my parents when they ask me to shave off my 'Artistically Nurtured Beard' with utmost care. Well working in IT sector, you are required to be well groomed but I damn care. You may call me sluggish but i do like to keep beard of different styles. And because of this beard, I have many incidents to share with you all. I had managed to get an Auto-Rickshaw for a much lower price if the Auto-wallah happens to be a Muslim.
                                  Once I was traveling in AP Express from Hyderabad to New Delhi when the passenger sitting opposite to me asked me,"Babaji would you mind if we have Non-Veg before you". I have never been upset with incidents involving me and my bea…