A2Z of Solid Waste Management

Food For Thought:

As per latest statistics, 62 Million tonnes of waste is generated in India per annum. 

5.2 Million Tonnes is plastic waste.
0.17 Million Tonnes is bio-medical waste.
7.90 Million Tonnes Hazardous waste generation.
15 lakh Tonnes of e-waste.

Only 75-80 percent Municipal Waste is collected and 22.28 percent is processed and treated.

It is time we take the leap forward and educate ourselves and our neighborhood about the rules pertaining to Solid Waste Management (#SWM). I will be writing a step by step guide on ‘Solid Waste Management’, which will be easy to understand by all. 

Recycle and Reuse wherever possible


     “Generate Organic Manure from Bio-degradable waste”.


The Novice Soul said…
Nishit I feel for your cause. We are in the similar mission of gathering agri cultural and dry city garden waste and process it into a renewal bio-fuel. It would be interesting to read about your methods of re-use and creating bio-mas
Surbhi Prapanna said…
This is really a need of an hour. it is really great that you had chosen this as a theme for blogchatter projects. indeed recycling is very important to save our environment. looking forward to all upcoming posts.
Sona Grover said…
I was shocked to know the stats behind the waste we generate and their breakup.

It's a noble endeavour to educate the masses so that we can do our bit to sustain our environment.
Cafe Whiz said…
Such a great cause Nishith. It's an alarming issue which is going to create havoc in our kids lives if not tackled immediately. And it will be great if we could wake up to the cause before it gets too late. Really Appreciate your campaign and look forward to learning from you.
I am looking forward to this series
Jai said…
A worthy step indeed. I really do look forward to reading your posts.

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