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पोस्ट ट्रेनिंग

Hi friends, i m back again with the concluding part of my previous blog. Our valedictory was scheduled on 14th of October at 4:00 PM. Before that a movie was shown to us. It was a secret and started at around 11:30 in the morning. Actually when our PM Siva told us that we will be shown a movie(secret), I promptly asked him whether the movie is a secret or it's name is "Secret". Actually i had seen a movie in my college days which named the same*. The movie begins:- Some Old man appears, his name is BOB PROCTER (Philosopher)....just like DK Bagga.....Sometimes i remain dumb struck at some of Bagga's philosophies. It's not that his Philosophies are not good but they are out of my mind. He is a very amazing guy to talk to. I will take him in my next Blog. Coming to movie, that old man keep talking about life and the cosmos and blah blah....i don't knw when the movie ended coz i was in my fantasy dreaming of me and my woh.....after that at 4 PM some big Guns of S…

"....Finally training is over...."

At last our training at satyam is over. Being frank, when i was in my Phase-1, i was almost sure that i won't last long here but all thanks to GOD and the *skills i learnt in college i was able to get through. I m the only one in my batch (QEDGE ELTP 900) who has got 3 LOC's. Phase-1 was a big hurdle to cross but i assure you that i was not at all frightened or nervous. I took the opportunity calmly and planned every night how to approach every test. My batchmate Rakesh (from BITS Pilani) was also in same boat. Literally speaking he was so fucking nervous or examphobic that if u have seenhim that time, you will definitely have said that he would commit suicide. But i cajoled him and cooled him to a minimum cloud. The one thing i would admit that i was unable to crack any of tha satyam's so called OLA's. Our Mentor says that "Our Tool is one of the Best". How can it be best as it is being prepared by people like us who are in bench. And we also proved it and t…


2) एक था BAGGA
3) कैसे बना मैं TOPPER

"Dead End !!!"

A hero has faced it all: he need not be undefeated, but he must be undaunted.
Finally the D-day has arrived when Royal Bengal Tiger (King of OFFSIDE) alias Dada alias Saurav has decided to call it a day off from Test cricket. I think he has done right on his part as it was getting too frustrated for him. The BCCI was always playing by his sentiments by keeping him in and out whenever they wish( ***they were playing hide and seek with him***). Actually root cause of the crisis was arrival of *Hawai chappal* from Austrailia. He used what British had done years back- "phut daalo". I m a great fan of Dada. I was inspired by him and began taking interest in cricket as a Left hander. Dada has great enthusiasm to win. He becomes aggresive at crucial times which is the reasn why he had to pay penalty at most of the times. He has a good track record both as a captain and as a all-rounder. When Dada took charge as a captain, the indian team which was known as just 'Indian team&#…