Self Realization

Life of a human being is like a vast ocean and we humans are sailboats moving in the vast ocean aimlessly and try to find it's way to the shore. They don't have any Captain and the motion of ship depends completely on direction of wind. Just like sailboats we humans tend to live throughout our lives drifting away into this vast ocean of life with the aim of getting all the luxuries in life(Money is such a thing the more we go for it, the more desire it creates in us) someday and finally lead a sound and peaceful life at the end. But we never get that peace ever in life and when we get it we are too old to enjoy them. We never reach the destination we set before going on such a expedition. Just look back at your past till now and recall have you ever did anything out of your conscience or you simply did it because it was your parents wish to see you become doctors and engineers? If yes, then i salute your decision and may you succeed in life. But most of us live our life for the sake of others. We never ever live for us. Many of us take science as their subject in 10+2 when they want to go for arts or commerce. Then against their will they are forced to become engineers and finally they end up in some big Multi National Fish with big bucks into your hands every month. These big fishes don't have any emotional attachment with it's employees at all. At the end of the day all they want is getting the project done on time for some gora. Then you get married after sometime and now the real problem starts creeping into your life. Now you are stuck!!! You can't even think of leaving job because at least 2 persons are involved now. Then children and their responsibility of studies, their marriage and so on.......When you realize now everything has settled you are already in a stage of Ram Naam. Still their are persons who don't want to become captain less sailboats and be the driver of their own ship row their ship against all odds and reach his exact destination. For them Money is not the baseline of everything but self realization is the ultimate goal which gives them happiness and satisfaction. These are two factors for which everyone of us strive through this competitive world. You must be surprised why i am talking philosophical when my last 2 or 3 blogs were full of humour. Normally i am not a philosopher by profession but today i just came upon this very idea to share with you all. Actually i realised (after getting my re-joining on 19th Dec), i am a part of the group who travel on ship without a captain drifting away with the wind. What i thought would be easy for me to work independently seems not viable right now as odds are against me. I salute those who chose to stand different from the crowd, i salute their effort and hope for their success and contentment in whatever they do....I wish i could one day have the power to overcome my fear and drive my own ship my own way........Life is Complex like a jalebi. Their are many twist and turns which you come to know gradually!!!!!


Tarun Goel said…
See dude, I can understand all of this, every single line of it. Since my Satyam days, I thought of you as a real independent human being. Now you are stuck in a very grave situation where you have to decide something for yourself.
Choose what you think is best for you, just make sure that you respect your being, your existence and be a man.

Self realization is the most important thing and I love you for that :)
Tarun Goel said…
Your parents will ask you to marry but not to select something which "you" think is good for you.
Double standards, isn't it!!!!
How can they treat you as an adult and non-adult at the same time...:(
Nishit said…
You are absolutely right! Parents always think their children are still immature.....But the thing is that i don't want to make everyone around me including my parents and sister feel depressed from me with my decision...
Tarun Goel said…
So you sacrificing :)
The way you are talking sounds more or less like a sacrifice.....
Never mind, Life is Beautiful.
I am saying all this because no one is dependent on you, financially and you are in a best condition to do something you want.
Rest India is a free country and so are you :)
Nishit said…
@ tarun
But how i feel happy by depressing everyone....let's see what will i do....still many dayz left
Anonymous said…
one of my friend UDAY left NTPC ,not for getting into IIM or for any MNC with higher package but
he left NTPC to join ISKCON .
All my friend think he is foolish, stupid person but i believe it's his self realization which made him to take such outstanding step
"भीड़ से हट के काम करने के लिए guts होने चाहिए"
very few people have it
Tarun Goel said…
Free will :)
Every one is free to choose and not to mention, bear the consequences as well,like a man.

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