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Having attained my Silver Jubilee this May, my virility is ever increasing. Not only in
dreams but in my conscious state i encounter sexual fantasies. And after my dream is over
i am filled with enormous amount of Liquefied Stinky Cum(LSC) just needing a Hand-Of-GOD.
To be frank i feel embarrassed at times when the so called slack organ which points towards
the Holy Earth showing respect for guests becomes parallel to the ground. May be that's why people have said that it's the only strongest and lightest tool in the world designed by world's greatest architect- The Almighty. Then there is people around me always talking about hiring some slut to show their masculine power but never that had happened. They even have invited me to do the honours but i declined stating "MORALE VALUES". Let me tell you one incident that happened with me recently in Bangalore. Me and my friend/colleague went to see mujra. As we were on our way i was in a bit 'Fatihuyihalat' but w…