Saturday, August 21, 2010


Having attained my Silver Jubilee this May, my virility is ever increasing. Not only in
dreams but in my conscious state i encounter sexual fantasies. And after my dream is over
i am filled with enormous amount of Liquefied Stinky Cum(LSC) just needing a Hand-Of-GOD.
To be frank i feel embarrassed at times when the so called slack organ which points towards
the Holy Earth showing respect for guests becomes parallel to the ground. May be that's why people have said that it's the only strongest and lightest tool in the world designed by world's greatest architect- The Almighty. Then there is people around me always talking about hiring some slut to show their masculine power but never that had happened. They even have invited me to do the honours but i declined stating "MORALE VALUES". Let me tell you one incident that happened with me recently in Bangalore. Me and my friend/colleague went to see mujra. As we were on our way i was in a bit 'Fati huyi halat' but was showing full vigor externally. As we entered the Heaven which we didn't know will soon be hell for us. There was a hall decorated with flowers, couches were in place at the corner with small rectangular tables placed in front of them. In the center 4-5 girls were dancing with old/third grade Hindi songs. Few of the girls were pretty but few were doubtful as to whether they are woo-men or eunuchs(transgender). The entire ambiance was absolutely dance bar type. And then most hilarious part- all the bartenders came one by one and shook hands with us. I didn't understand the idea behind this??? But i felt like i am a client who will do humping and pumping after session of boozing.
We ordered for one beer and started enjoying it. Songs followed one after another, girls also dancing in rotation. The girls kept staring at us while dancing. I simply couldn't match with their sight and started ignoring their eyes. Suddenly i felt as if the girl was begging for help. As if she was enslaved by their masters. I saw hunger for love, freedom in their eyes. I wondered how these girls end up here. May be there parents sold them because of poverty or she might be orphan and picked by the pimps and the questions went on increasing exponentially. One girl while dancing suddenly started sobbing on one song. That was the moment i went mad. May be she got nostalgic or it was a mere stunt attempted to invoke emotional feeling in visitors to throw money at them. Whatsoever but i felt the episode more lively than a mere drama. We both decided to leave. On leaving the Heaven turned hell i decided never to return. Also i realized that i can't pump a girl illicitly.
It's better to just fantasize in dreams or in conscious state rather than actually involving you in such kind of activity. 'Haath-hi mere saathi' or 'apna haath jagan-nath' are best way to discharge your love safely. There are numerous instances of my E activity. Recently i completed hand job in Air, Road and Rail. Next time i am planning
to go under water. Pray for me. Till then keep your fantasy alive;)