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Exploring India

The day i came back home from Hyderabad, i got myself engaged into new role of TRAVELLER fully sponsored by MAHINDRASATYAM :P.I have decided to travel and explore INDIA instead of just sitting at home munching Pop-Corn and getting glued to the idiot box. I started my first trip within my home state which i have mentioned in my earlier blog. So i decided to continue this trend and on 3rd August i got the chance to move out of my comfort zone. I left by train on 3rd August to Delhi. I planned to spend 7 days in Delhi but the humid and hot weather of delhi made me change my mind and i decided to move further to Jaipur. As Jaipur is a much better to live during the month of August. So just after RakshaBandhan i booked my ticket to Jaipur in ASHRAM EXPRESS but this time i decided to go in Sleeper class as it's just 5 hours journey. The good thing about that journey was that i completed one complete book "KEEP OFF THE GRASS". That was surely an achievement for me.This year Go…