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Online Shopping 2013 | Save Money with Couponrani

Over the last 2 years, we Indians have gone berserk over online shopping. And all thanks to the eCommerce marketing teams who think from Indian customer perspective. Basically what we want is **Discount* *Offers** on goods ranging from Electronics, Apparels, Food, Travel etc etc. Shopping online has given us an ease to browse and buy through the catalog of various goods while munching popcorn at our homes. But there are still many things to be kept in mind before you make a purchase online... 1. Before buying from any online shopping website do a through research about it's delivery time. 2. If you are buying a product for the first time such a website, don't pay cash instead order a COD (I prefer) 3. Compare the product you are buying over more than 2 websites. Choose the one offering lowest price but again remember Rule 1. 4. Prior to payment check if there is …