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"ICICI Drama "

hi i m going to talk abt a incident which happened on monday night i.e 29th SEP 2008. Yes the day of getting our salary. Initially it was a heart failure for all who listened to that. All people were seen running towards ICICI ATM to withdraw all their money they had. My friends and i was standing outside reception having an after lunch PUFF when we overheard someone saying that he has invested some huge bugs in ICICI pudential and he was sweating and looked as if he was about to faint. Then we wsked someone wht was all the FUSS abt and came to knw that ICICI bank goes bankcrupt and it has lost 60 million dollar. We went to TV room to watch news abt that incident to confirm the news as our money is also in the same bank. But there was no such news. Then a sweet Voice came frm behind...."Please switch to TV9". I was fixed at her but Telugu voice felt in my Ear and i was disturbed. TV9 was a entertainment channel. We all lughed at the stupidity of the sweet :) girl and she blu…

Welcome Message!!!

Hi Friends, this is Nishit Sharma for u and i have opened this blog to share each and every topic that you hear or read everyday...youu are most welcome to give ur opinion and solutions but u should obey my 3(GOLDEN RULES) rules as:
1) Do not post vulgar answers as this is pubic blog.
2) Please be serious while discussing serious matters.
3) If u don't follow above rules u will be checked under IT act of India.

So, i hope to get a good response fron you all.....................