Sunday, November 22, 2009

"26/11: Have India changed"

A year is over since the gruesome terror attack on one of India's pride 'The Taj' which left hundreds of people in the pool of blood. The reality is- Still Kasab is enjoying Indian Hospitality in Indian jail. Isn't the reason enough that he killed innocent people for hanging him? Why India is expecting help from pakistan when everyone knew 'ZERO' cooperation from PAK. My personal view is that India haven't taken enough measures in the last 1 year and the Mumbaikars who still fear travelling in Local is a proof of that. I think Indian judicial system needs a change now. Sometimes today while watching TV, you suddenly come across some news about an incident that has happened 8 or 10 years back and today it's judgement is done. If Indian judicial system would take so long in giving judgement then just imagine in that period the culprit can commit how many more crimes. Also criminals today have no fear of punishment because they know they will hire best of the best lawyers to fight for them and they will be out. When 9/11 occurred in US in 2001, US turned their forces up against Afganistan and declared war. I don't want that India also follow US path but should take stringent steps. How many more terror strikes does India need to wake up? We don't want our Heroes turn Martyr's. Please share your views on 26/11.........................

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy to help- 139

Last night i was standing at New Delhi railway station waiting for Jhelum Express which was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 P.M but unfortunately and not surprisingly was 45 mins late. There was no announcement of Jhelum and i was pissed off waiting there among huge crowd of people. Suddenly from nowhere a number flashed before my eyes- 139. WOW!!! This is railway enquiry. I took out my phone and called 139 half-heartedly as this is just a number provided by Railways to tell people about the existence of such a service but it has never worked before. But yesterday the call was picked in just one ring and a sweet voice said,
Welcome to railway Enquiry!!!
Press 1 for Hindi and 2 for English!!
After that my call was transferred to customer care executive and i got my query answered. I was overjoyed. Good news for all of you and go ahead and call "139".
A short interview with Mr Raj:
Nishit: Thanks for accepting my invitation
Mr Raj: &#$^##^*((*)^$^$&^(In Marathi)
Nishit: So you must be happy after MNS getting good share of seats than BJP-SS
Mr Raj: ^&^#$^#$*#&(*&(&*( Again in Marathi)
Nishit: What are your plans as a opposition?
Mr Raj: %^%^&%^&&*^*^&^&*^*( Marathi again)
Nishit: Sir this is an english channel. I request you to please speak in English
Mr Raj: %^&%&^**&*(&*(
Nishit: Thank you very much and we will never call you again.

Last week i watched an interview of Mr Raj on NDTV where he didn't say any word in English or Hindi. And today when ABU Azmi took oath in hindi MNS workers created a fuss during assembly session. What's going on in India called secular, democratic ? How can a group of people force anyone to do what they don't like? Who the fuck are these people and why is our judiciary system fails before them. What you call such acts: an act of dictatorship or fascism!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who's Fault?

Place: Jammu
Where in Jammu: Just outside my house
Date: 6th Nov 2009

Incident: Just outside my house there is a tri-junction . So it becomes mandatory to blow HORN but unfortunately people in India are in such a hurry that they don't care. Not only Horn is necessary one should slow down a bit at curves. Due to these mistakes or rather i would say 'Blunders' the screeching sound is very common. My dad always warns me to blow horn and pass slowly till the lane is over. But today i happened to witness one such road accident. As usually i woke up at 12 Noon and was about to take a bath when i heard screeching sound- A scooter and a auto rickshaw has collided. The owner of scooter held that poor autowaala and was asking 1000 bugs from him and that autowaala was almost in tears( God help the poor masses). I interfered and asked that scooter waala to first leave his shirt and talk sensibly or approach a *thulaa for *maandawli. That guy was adamant and kept repeating 1000, 1000, 1000....Then i inspected the crime scene and visualised how the accident might have happened. Actually both were at fault though Autowaala was a bit rash. But the matter of fact is that no one had got any injuries and their vehicles were also intact - No damage. All of us tried convincing the guy to leave the poor guy but he was stone stuck at his position. Later i told the autowaala to get a thulaa and get the matter resolved. The scooter waala left the poor guy and picked his scooter and started leaving crying foul over the matter. May be he got scared by the call of thulaa or whatever but the matter finished.
Don't know who's at fault but one should remember accidents happen when both parties are at fault. Fight is not the solution. For me that scooter waala becomes a loser because everyone there was supporting poor guy!!! One statement of the scooter guy infuriated me as he said that you are a "Hindu" and me too. There i decided to not let him exploit the poor fellow anymore. From where the issue of Hindu or Muslim came? I am still puzzled.....

For the Last couple of days such incidents are happening with me. Sometimes i get stuck in traffic and help resolve the traffic or at other times get myself involved in brawl with neighbours over garbage issue. Once i asked one aunty as not to throw garbage on road instead throw it in dustbin. But the lady didn't admit her mistake and finally i had to finish the talk. How people are so adamant? Why people can't say sorry? Does sorry make them small? I can't understand......if you please help me answer this............

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fatwa Against "Vande Mataram"

India has become a land of controversies and every day we come to know about something new, and this time a newer controversy is before us all. Some Muslim clerics( called Dharma ke Rakshak. Who gave then the right to decide what is right and wrong? Don't they have any work to do at their home?) in Deoband passed a fatwa against singing of Vande Mataram.
Vande Mataram means bowing before thee and for muslims bending before any other (not even your parents) than Allah is considered against their policy of MONOTHEISM. What i don't understand is this:
Who has written Quran?
Who told them not to bend before any other except Allah?
What will happen if they do such acts?
Who are these bunch of people carrying out the FATWA? If they don't want then ok, why are they making it compulsory for every Muslim. If someone choses not to say VM then he is free to do but going public with such disclosure is not at all justfiable.
Such acts like this one or Ram mandir issue are very sensitive issues and one should think about the consequences before going public................Open to all of you now!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Worst Fear!!!

Finally i gathered enough courage to write one more post. Actually there are a lot many ideas in my mind these days but many of the ideas come and pass by because of my Day-Dreaming behavior or may be i am too lazy :P. Today i decided to do away with CAT ki padai and decided to put my thoughts into words. To start with let me ask you one question- Who do you fear most or What causes anxiety in you? For some it may be the fear of failure or dark or being robbed. There may be numerous answers but for me the worst fear is losing someone i love and care. "Origin of Suffering is Attachment" is one such Truth of life written by Swami Vivekananda. Attachment to anything be it Living(Human or Animal) or Nirjeev Vastu causes pain and suffering to the person to whom we love. Everytime this thought happens to cross my mind i get depressed but it's the cycle of nature (or Jeevan-Mrityu) that one who comes on this Earth has to depart one day. So why not just enjoy and stop fighting. Will there be love and peace on this Earth some day? I don't know nor you know it but only thing i know is that let's create a chain of happiness :P.

Starting Nov 1 Prepaid Sim cards are going to be banned all across J&K and NE. I am screwed now ;(. 3 days back i got my mobile number updated in my ICICI A/C and Demat account and everywhere possible. Now either i have to update new number or convert my older one to postpaid. And truly saying i hate doing these type of work which involves verification. I have an interesting post regarding this which i will be coming very soon......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Shubh Deepawali!!!"

Jai Laxmi Mata!!! Deepa-Wali is the most popular festival of Hindu's celebrated all across Bharat. It is written in Ramayana( Great Epic of Hindu's ) by Valmiki that this day Lord Rama returned from 14 years exile. So from that day onwards people celebrate this day as Lord Rama's home coming. I wonder many a times is this a scientific confirmation or just that we heard from our ancestors as to celebrate Deepawali, we are doing it. Forget it, we can't argue on this and their are certain things that need to be accepted as they are. This day as usual i got up at 12 in the morning :P and listened to my favourite CD of Nusrat Ali Baba. Today i made roti's for me and after self-made breakfast i went out to relative's home like a marketing guy selling soap and powder. This Deepawali was special for me as for the first time i decided to do away with crackers and have a smoke-free deepawali. I used to remember the times when at Deepawali we used to wear Blazers. But now the climate has changed a lot and at this time there is no signs of cold although nights have become slightly colder. We need to think, not only think but work out something for the environment to save it from further destruction. If every citizen contributes 0.00001% then whole of this world can help build this planet a Greener Zone to live in. Other changes that i noticed this time: Earlier we used to have a lot of sweets but now people prefer to purchase juice, biscuits, gift items and dry fruit. Now Deepawali has turned into Brand Deepawali. On the whole our festivals like Holi, Deepawali, navratra, ganesh immersion etc are all unfriendly with our environment. They cause harm to nature in one way or the other. But faith and belief of people is so strong that they don't see any defects in it. Finally at 12:40 A.M i am dead tired and will reach for my bed as soon as i click "Publish Post".

P.S : Someone said," If you want to change the world, then you are the one who will start first and the world will follow suit." Enjoy and have a safe and prosperous Deepawali!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dreams of Fire!!!

What is a Dream? For me Dream is a world of your own thoughts that is built in your mind whether conciously or unconciously. Dreams can give you joy, happiness while it can haunt you sometimes. You not only dream during sleep but during day also and dreaming during day is called DAY-DREAMING. I am a victim of day dreaming since the day i become aware of my surroundings. And today i will share some of my day dreaming experiences both horrible and joyful. When i was studying in my lower classes(class 6th and above as far as i remember) i used to get lost in the world of my own. I was a very very shy guy during my school and a bit of( or i must say a lot of) chutiya type guy. I was innocent and very moderate thinking village guy. I used to talk less in class and was always deeply engrossed into my thoughts in the class. Once my teacher asked me to read and i stood up with a blank face as i was not attentive as usual. I used to think about going back home early as i don't like studying at school. I must admit i was and am a total homesick. Then used to imagine myself doing all the questions on board and imagining myself as the topper of school. With the influence of internet my thoughts grew somewhat vulgar. I am sorry to say this but i began imagining my teachers, girls of my class. Now at times i am so engrossed in my dreams that i have fumbled couple of times. In my class 12th i was going for tution and i forgot to deboard at my destination and reached the last stop. At other times i forgot to collect return money from shopkeepers. Recently i went to bank to deposit some money when i found that i had miscalculated Rs 500*50 as Rs 50000 and the teller brought my mistake to notice. There are lots and lots of accidents happening with me everyday.
Being shy i neither have any GF or any girl friend. During my college also i rarely talked with girls and prefer to sstay away from them. Out of all girls i don't know the reason why it is so??? I am not able to forget Megna. She visits my dreams very frequently till now and i get excited when someone mentions her name or talks about her. Don't take it otherwise because it not what all of you are thinking. She reminds me of Perizaad Zorabian. I think it's enough now and i must change the course of blog :P
Apart from Day-Dreaming i have another unique problem of SELF-TALK. I talk to my own self whenever alone and that too loudly. You may think that i am mad or insane but i think my best friend is my own self. Talking to myself makes me feel light and take any burden off from me at times. Before i sign off for now i have a special story for you........
There is an unending tussle going on between tarun and bsnl for last two or more months. He's got broadband connection after tough fight with BSNL officials but now his connection isn't working. Don't worry Tarun, let me become JTO i will give you renumeration of 5 years of free usage. :P. May GOD give Tarun all strength and power to win this battle over BSNL........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Self Realization

Life of a human being is like a vast ocean and we humans are sailboats moving in the vast ocean aimlessly and try to find it's way to the shore. They don't have any Captain and the motion of ship depends completely on direction of wind. Just like sailboats we humans tend to live throughout our lives drifting away into this vast ocean of life with the aim of getting all the luxuries in life(Money is such a thing the more we go for it, the more desire it creates in us) someday and finally lead a sound and peaceful life at the end. But we never get that peace ever in life and when we get it we are too old to enjoy them. We never reach the destination we set before going on such a expedition. Just look back at your past till now and recall have you ever did anything out of your conscience or you simply did it because it was your parents wish to see you become doctors and engineers? If yes, then i salute your decision and may you succeed in life. But most of us live our life for the sake of others. We never ever live for us. Many of us take science as their subject in 10+2 when they want to go for arts or commerce. Then against their will they are forced to become engineers and finally they end up in some big Multi National Fish with big bucks into your hands every month. These big fishes don't have any emotional attachment with it's employees at all. At the end of the day all they want is getting the project done on time for some gora. Then you get married after sometime and now the real problem starts creeping into your life. Now you are stuck!!! You can't even think of leaving job because at least 2 persons are involved now. Then children and their responsibility of studies, their marriage and so on.......When you realize now everything has settled you are already in a stage of Ram Naam. Still their are persons who don't want to become captain less sailboats and be the driver of their own ship row their ship against all odds and reach his exact destination. For them Money is not the baseline of everything but self realization is the ultimate goal which gives them happiness and satisfaction. These are two factors for which everyone of us strive through this competitive world. You must be surprised why i am talking philosophical when my last 2 or 3 blogs were full of humour. Normally i am not a philosopher by profession but today i just came upon this very idea to share with you all. Actually i realised (after getting my re-joining on 19th Dec), i am a part of the group who travel on ship without a captain drifting away with the wind. What i thought would be easy for me to work independently seems not viable right now as odds are against me. I salute those who chose to stand different from the crowd, i salute their effort and hope for their success and contentment in whatever they do....I wish i could one day have the power to overcome my fear and drive my own ship my own way........Life is Complex like a jalebi. Their are many twist and turns which you come to know gradually!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Addictive Soaps

Thinking of Lux, Lifebuoy!!! I am not talking of the soap you rub on your genitals everyday but i am talking of the daily soaps that your mother or other female members watch everyday on the idiot box. I have seen ladies crying over Mihir's death and dicussing latest episode on some body's funeral. From Hum Log in 1980s to K Serials in 2005, i think their is a degradation in the content. These soaps have transformed themselves from time to time and diversified as well. I don't know how the fuck(sorry for using *DUCK word) Ekta kapoor is getting high TRP's for showing non-sense for over 4 or 5 years. I wonder how one can watch same thing repeatedly for 5 years. I just watched one of her show for one week and what i could make out is that it portrays women as the Master devil and men as a mere servant. I swear to God that i laughed out of my heart at their acting also. How can a person sleep with heavy make-up and jewellery? And when you wake up are your hair neatly combed or you need to dress up? The Supreme Court should ban such channels for publiticising polyandry. In Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, I wonder whether Tulsi can confidently say who is her Husband and how many children she had??? After watching all such non-sense we call Tulsi and Parvati (Kahani Ghar Ghar ki ) the Ideal Bahu. It's all Bullshit!!! If such women are ideal bahu then i am worried what will be future of india, a land of Great pious ladies of our past such as Sita, Meera, etc. This is one aspect of Daily soap. Now they have diversified into reality shows. Some reality shows are constructive because they give us a platform to showcase our talent. But some programs like Iss Jungle se mujhe bachao, MTV Roadies are doing a wrong way of earning TRPs and money. One day i was watching iss jungle se mujhe bachao. Saala the girls were bathing in bikini and two peice showing all they possess. The reality shows provide the celebrities a stage for publicity and more cash for the owner. I wonder if they can bathe in bikini in front of the camera then what they did behind the camera???WOW!!! I should i have a spy camera for this :P How can a person watch such realty shows with parents??? And the language they use when they fight among themselves. Though these channels censor it but what impact can it be on our younger generation. Ok fine, i don't have problem with foul language but what about Nanga naach shown live on TV. And how can you forget MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla. They should get No. 1 rating in Highly adult shows. I feel good and support them fully when the VHP and RSS people oppose such acts. Also sometimes i feel that Muslims who have made Veil (Burka) compulsory for women is must for them in this world of nudity.

Now some good about daily soaps. Not every soap is bad, some are good to watch. Like these days Colors shows various soaps and each one is superb and i am addicted to it. Every soap is based on some type of social obligation. I just want to say that watch such channels which give some message and from which you can gain something positive. Make use of the idiot box in a positive way as far as possible and spread good around you. Stay Happy and Cheerful!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Weird Can It Be!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The content shown below contains sexually explicit material and may be harmful for children's below 18 Years of Age. The content below is non-fictional and the reader may feel it violent at certain places. If you are 18 years of age and above please proceed else wait for my next blog...


I returned from Chandigarh yesterday. I decided to return by CTU bus instead of A/C Volvo which i took while going to Chandigarh. I took the bus from Sector-43. I have visited Chandigarh 5 or 6 times but yet i find this place very confusing. I could not make out which sector is where.
Finally, i started back at 4 PM and on my way i went back to my Happy Old days and so i am sharing it with you...

1) Have you ever done something weird in your life? If Yes then rate yours with mine. I was in Chandigarh this weekend. I reached Chandigarh late at night and i was damn tired because of 9 hours journey and that too in Bus. I checked in at a hotel and got myself 2 Beer. After emptying the stuff i lay flat on the bed fully Naked. I felt like masturbating but didn't feel good about it doing the same old way. I thought of doing something innovative this time. I took one soft rope
and tied it's one end to the fan above and tied the other end with my Dick. Then i laid flat on the bed and switched on the fan momentarily. Literally speaking it gave me immense pleasure that i never felt before. But i advise you not to try this at home.

2) This is some 2 years old incident happened unfortunately to me. I was travelling from Jammu to Delhi alone. The Bus stopped for dinner at Sanja Chulla, Sujanpur. I had my dinner with Dal Makhani and Butter roti. I ate double my capacity and boarded the bus. After 2 hours i began feeling trouble in my stomach. Suddenly i started feeling pain in my abdomen and went to the driver and asked him to stop somewhere as need a loo urgently. He got angry and asked me to control it for sometime. I told him that it's an emergency situation but that guy was stubborn and didn't listened to me. As i was pleading him to stop somewhere i felt i couldn't hold the pressure anymore and released it into my pants. SHIT!!!! I came back to my seat as emergency conditon had passed. Now the interesting part. The conductor shouted and said," Chal ja, bus 10 min ruki hai". I told him,"Hello Boss,the time had passed. you just missed the train. Now carry on". Finally after reaching Delhi i washed all the shit off at the SARVAJANIK SHOCHALAYA at kashmere gate.

3) Time = Final year in my college and just after my placement. I got placed in Satyam and was very happy as i got what i had never expected i would get. The reason is my CGPA was 5.99 in my 7th semester. so me and Varun who both were selected in Satyam went to Rang Mahal for celebration with other friends. I remembered how i got there but didn't remember how i get back to my room. I was hell drunk. When i reached hostel, i was sleeping in common room. Then my closest friend POPO offered me help to my room but i refused stating that i am alright. I bade goodbye and went to my room. It was 4 A.M in the morning and i woke up and found myself sleeping in bathroom of our hostel. I had properly bolted it from inside. May be i thought it to be my room in drunk state of mind.

There are many other weird incidents happened to me but i don't remember now. I soon as i remember any of them i will Post them in my blog. Enjoy reading it and do post any of yours weird tasks....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Exploring India

The day i came back home from Hyderabad, i got myself engaged into new role of TRAVELLER fully sponsored by MAHINDRA SATYAM :P.I have decided to travel and explore INDIA instead of just sitting at home munching Pop-Corn and getting glued to the idiot box. I started my first trip within my home state which i have mentioned in my earlier blog. So i decided to continue this trend and on 3rd August i got the chance to move out of my comfort zone. I left by train on 3rd August to Delhi. I planned to spend 7 days in Delhi but the humid and hot weather of delhi made me change my mind and i decided to move further to Jaipur. As Jaipur is a much better to live during the month of August.
So just after Raksha Bandhan i booked my ticket to Jaipur in ASHRAM EXPRESS but this time i decided to go in Sleeper class as it's just 5 hours journey. The good thing about that
journey was that i completed one complete book "KEEP OFF THE GRASS". That was surely an achievement for me.This year God of rain is not happy with people of North and everywhere the climate is too bad to live and jaipur was the same. Actually the reason of going to jaipur was two pending tasks- First i haven't received my college security and secondly i haven't received my passport since Jan 2008. Another wonderful thing is that Bagga's destiny changed from Pune to Jaipur. Thank GOD to SWINE FLU scare in Pune :P

After a gap of 8 months, i was again in college as an Alumni. WOW! What a feeling. I met my juniors, the thadi wala, canteen wala and ofcourse how can i forget to mention our loving MAI. She must be around 75+ and sits the whole night at thadi to sell ciggies. One day i got a chance to meet one of my most feared teacher----MR Rakesh Bairathi and MR NSU(Actually i still don't know his actual name and everyone used to call him nasu. "WHat's there in a name", rightly said by Rabindranath Tagore). Frankly speaking during my whole college life i hardly spoke to any prof casually and when i left college i didn't even bothered to get blessings from them. But this time as i saw them i bowed before them and sat with them for nearly half an hour. We talked casually and i didn't feel any fear of talking to my Prof. The lesson i learnt is that we never know where our destiny is and whether we are going to visit the place we assumed to have left forvever.
Bagga came the day after my arrival and we enjoyed, Boozed and smoked our way till he left. Now all the fun is over and get back to work. I had to goto Dean Academics for querying about my security. The thing i don't like is talking to these petty clerks. They are so rude and talk to you as if they are the boss and you are no one before them. I have seen officers begging before them. I kept coming to office for 4 days and the reply that i got everytime is that the cheque will take 6 months and will be sent by post and won't be handed over to the candidate. What the crap???? What kind of rule is this???? A full 5 Feet 4 inches candidate is standing in front of you and they can't hand over the cheque. Thinking logically if they hand it over to me it will save them time and money of posting it but i think they have other intentions(Interpret other as you like)!!!!! So i walked out of the office and smoked hastily and decided not to think about it again. I will wait for 6 months and if i didn't receive any cheque then i will teach them a lesson.

Task 2- Passport Office. Passport office being close to my college, i decided to stay at college the night before.I boozed that night and was late by an hour to passport office.
Actually i had planned to go at 8 to passport office but the hangover next day caused me penalty of a day without work and that too when i stood in the line for 4 hours. Just when i reached the enquiry window, the time was over. The next day i reached didn't repeat my mistake and reached an hour earlier. But still the line was way too large. I wondered whether these people have no work to do and how early they got up to stand here. But this time again i was unlucky because the guy told me to deposit 2 forms the next day but i realized that the next working day will come after 3 days. That meant 3 days captivity in Jaipur. I was getting sucked from this place but i had to complete the formalities. So i gathered courage and deposited the forms on next working day and the same day i packed my bags and set off for DELHI.
I told Dad about my departure for delhi when i ha already took a bus to delhi. The bad news now- Autowalas were on strike. I said to myself,"No problem. I will take Metro. No need of Auto". But again my Kismat was no good to me. I reached 1 hour late and i had no option to catch Metro. Now no Auto, no Metro, what next!!! It was 10:30 P.M and location was Delhi. I was scared from inside but showed no signs from outside. I hired one taxi to Dwarka. Saala these taxiwala take advantage of strike and hiked their fare by almost double. The deal was fixed at 600 but i had no option. He was driving through the busy lanes of delhi as if he were Schumacher. My heart was pumping Ultra fast and could come at any moment. I was hell scared. I had no idea of where that guy was taking me. When i saw some familiar signs of Dwarka i felt light and finally i reached my destination without having sexual assault. Actually that guy was becoming too friendly and seemed gay to me.

Back in Delhi i got my new assignment- Typing thesis for my sister. So. i am now a full fledged Social Worker, at home as well as outside. One day i was lucky enough and got the chance to taste Delhi Traffic during Monsoon. I swear i would never ever do that in future and advise not to travel in Delhi after heavy rain. I was at East of kailash. Rain lasted for 1 hour but it was strong enough to make headlines in every news channel. Every nes channel advised not to travel for 3 to 4 hours but i did otherwise. I left at 6:30 from East of Kailash in and auto. It took me 100 mins to reach central secretariat. Apart from the frustration of Jam, there were Delhi Girls all over. They were enjoying the mild rain and were looking gorgeous. Finally, I boarded the Metro to Dwarka.
Metro main mast scene huya baap. Everyone was busy informing their families and friends. One guy standing next to me was typing some message. It was for his Girlfriend and i commit a crime by reading his message. I won't write here what i read but one thing i will say is that the message was
super sexyy.

Finally on 23rd August i returned to Jammu by train. This incident shows the irresponsible Indian Railways doesn't care for passengers. The Platform that was displayed for my train was 8. So i reached platform 8 and sat there waiting for train to come. I was a bit apprehensive about the platform i was standing because there were very less passengers on that platform. Then i asked one guy at IRCTC cafe about the train and then he told me that the train i was waiting was standing on other station. I rushed to other platform. Thank God i was aware and had enough time that i had no problems. Their were other passengers who were also caught in the crisis like me. So Ms Mamta, it's good that you have started Toronto express and ladies special but most important thing is that all of this is a waste when information
system is faulty. It is as important as other things.

I am back in home. As life is a random function, i am not going to plan anything for future. I will just live in present and make my present happy and joyous and let the future be automatically be shaped according to it.
I will be back with more very soon..........................................

Sunday, July 26, 2009

P Revolution

Erotica, sexual fantasies have become modern toys for teenagers today. And interesting thing is that you get these toys for free.Access to P videos, Pics is unlimited and within your easy reach at the touch of a button.You must have an internet connection at home and know how to delete history. The maturity of youth has been retraced back to 5 years.When i was in class 8th i wasn't aware of computer at all. Leave alone me, cyber cafe's were a rare thing in the past. Now even a 5th standard boyknows all about SEX and surfing Porn sites. Access to web has increased dramatically since. Someone has very rightly abbreviated PORN as"Pornographic obsession necessary for development of youth". First time i saw a BF when i was in class 10th but this episode surprised me a lot.I went to cyber cafe here to check mails when i didn't have internet at home. In my next cabin there were two boys sitting and secretly laughing. I feltannoyed and disturbed by this and asked them to keep quiet but they continued like that. When i finished my work and came out, i sneaked into their cabin to scold them, what i saw was shocking. The boys had opened some XXX site and the boys were not more than 10 years of age. I was hell shocked and didn't said anything to them and paid the bill and left. LAter that day i thought whether i have made any mistake by not telling them that hat they are doing is a crime. I came to this conclusion:
Lack of sex education: parents don't educate them. So they move out to know about it all. They have the urge to know how it happens??? Every human being feels some sex energy when he reaches a certain age. So if it is not subsided, it takes other ways like this one. When young boys see such stuff they get excited and the energy in them goes increasing and they imagine every women to be in be with them. So, negetive thoughtsstart building which hampers growth of positive thoughts which finally leads to zero career growth. So, i felt i made a mistake and should have counselled the guys as well as talked with their parents ideally ;) but that's impossible on my part as i don't have guts to do that. I you have then you can have a try. I welcome your own opinions in this regard. Till then happy surfing and inculcate healthy habits. Stay happy always!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

अज्ञातवास (Exile)

If you remember the time when pandavas were asked go into exile for one year for losing to Kaurava's in a game of gamble।Same is the case with me when on 10th June I was told by my so called annadatta to go on VPP for 6 months at meagre basic pay।Many of us were shocked and started crying like a baby as if some natural calamity has struck and they have lost evrything।Though i have sympathy with the uncle and aunties who have more than 7 or 8 years of experience। But they don't have to worry as market demand for such people is enormous and demand for people like us who have less than one year of experience is very rare. So it's good time to do MBA or look for some odd(to others) jobs like NGOor career counselling or event management etc. After getting my LETTER of ACCEPTANCE for VPP i don't know what happened to me. I felt excited, overjoyed and felt butterflies in my stomach. We had 9 days to accept the proposal but i accepted it right away and asked my friends to have a D-Party tonight to celebrate VPP. The most amazing thing of that day was that there was a WWEBINAR by some Kutty, Putty or some fucking bastard addressing all satyamites about launch of VPP. He was a ark skinned typical GULTI with huge moustacheand addressed with this- "You are found eligible for this program......". What man?? What is he trying to make out?? I this a thing of pride. I want to ask himif he was sent to VPP, should he say the same words for himself also?? Never!!! So, we celebrated the event and the next day i made up my mind of leaving hyderabad and go home as i was somewhat feeling homesickand their were other reasons too. How i managed to stay in Satyam for 11 months and passed my training is a commendable effort from me. But now i realised after 11 months that i am not made for ITas i don't like .NET or C or C++ neither i make out the logic to write a program. Secondly, the day i was kicked out of the project i wasn't dooing anything valuablelike neither i was studying nor making any effort to find new jobs like Vinod who was fighting with all spirit to find one.

Finally on 30th June i was in S-8 of DAKSHIN EXPRESS to NEW DELHI. I was sad of not being able to celebrate my anniversary of completing 1 year at Satyam. 26 hours of journey was like travelling in hell for me and i swear to GOD i won't travel in Sleeper class especially during monsoon season. Their were small insects flying all over us and the heat and humidity was unbearable and i was sleeping with my head to toe covered with my LUNGI. U won't imagine i slept half naked in that night. Someone has said if you want to explore real India you must travel in Sleeper Class and that i felt to be true during my journey. Their was a Sardarji family sitting in front of me. I felt that now sardar is here then koi tension nahin, time paas ho jaayega. But Sardarji's son was shy to talk to and as far as i remember he hardly talked during whole journey( Sardar's are not like that or are they???).Actaully it's not their fault as they were from Alwar( CHOM Sardar). Now Dinner time!!!I was hell shocked to see diet of sardar and sardarni. They ate 6 chapati each and that too the size of a large Pizza. After that they had bananas and sweet. They were travelling with their whole kitchen with them. They had a huge water cooler(Capacity 20l).Their were two small cute little sisters from Haryana. The small one was sharo, witty and talkative. I enjoyed their company and had a goo time. Finally the train reached New Delhi at 6:00 A.M in the morning.

Sunrise is a very pleasant experience. I felt a great energy that morning as my life is going to take a new turn like this one.So i reached Dwarka within an hour's drive from Hazrat Nizzamuddin. Ohhh i forgot to tell about my latest look. I had long beard( 70 days without shave) and beads mala in my right hand and looked like someone coming from training camp in Pakistan. Everybody was hell shocked at my appearance. My Dad came to know about my beard and &*(&)!@#$%$$^^%^.Next day i became chikna launda once again. I spent 10 days in Delhi and again moved on to Jammu (My Home, My heaven). As some rightly has said Your home is your heaven.Just as i stepped in, i said in silence,"what the fuck?". It was hell hot and humid. I wondered how people survived in this condition. Their were no rains till 8th Julywhen compared to last time at this time rivers were flooded with rain water. But where there is a will, there is a way. Thank GOD my dad had installed A.C this year, so i felt the chill of Shimla o Kashmir. i have sen many changes here in the past three months as cell phone operators have increased to 6 and polythene is banned here. Power situation is much better now (people have become sensible about paying bills or PDD has become strict).

I travelled for few days to kashmir, had darshan at MATA VAISHNO DEVI JI and roamed, roamed and enjoyed. Now i have settled at home with my books around me and my Tata Photon Plus. Right now i am planning to do MBA and preparing for it and also i am hoping to do some work for social cause and have applied for that i 2 NGO's. I am Still in search of my destiny???

Monday, May 18, 2009

Telephonic Interview

Hi Guys how are you out there. Doing great and having fun. I think I told you that I am now on bench since 8th May 2009. I am going to tell you about my experience after getting released from project. I had to report to RCC at Satyam Gateway on 8th May. I was feeling a bit relaxed as I slept till 11 in the morning. We reported at 12 noon and were back to our flat by 2:15. That is what I call A perfect Private cum PSU job for me. No one is there to question you about why are you so late. Also I haven’t shaved for last 14 days. I have no plans to become a Mullah Omar or so but it’s like that only. I don’t feel like shaving anymore now. After a great and joyous weekend it’s my second day on bench. As usual I got up at 11 and we marched towards Satyam Gateway at 12. As I stepped out of my flat I got a call from landline. I picked up and had a telephonic Interview that lasted for around 20 minutes. He asked me about 10-15 questions on networking and I was looking foolish in my replies. I fumbled in almost all questions he asked me. Then at last he told ‘are Sharmaji aise nahin chalega… need to back fire or you will be left behind in the race’. Then I got a mail from him which is shown above. I laughed at reading the mail and my friends also made big joke of it. One guy told me that he doesn’t know how to write mails??? But lately I thought that the guy isn’t that bad. He has spoken the truth that I really need to Reboot . Atleast I got someone who has straight forwardly put forward his views about me. I am grateful about him. I don’t find any wrong in this. I see it the other way round (in a positive sense). I am still in touch with him and hope to meet him soon. I will let you know my experience of the meet. Till then enjoy and have fun. Remember to stay REBOOTED :P)

Must Watch!!!

Are you scared of Ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost or a witch? I think most of you will say ‘NO’ . Now I rephrase my question like this one : Have you heard of Ghost stories in your town??? Absolutely ‘a strong YES’. Nobody has seen ghost in his real life but still we are afraid when we watch a horror movie or when we are alone at home esp. at night. Why this is so? I think this is all because of the data that has been fed into our mind when we were young by our very respected elder people. And this data is non-erasable. Once we are afraid of dark then no power on earth can remove this fear. Actually we feel afraid because at that time we are in unconcious state. If we manage to remain in concious state in any situation we tackle everything but it requires one to focus his whole energy to the seven tatvas. Only few individuals have done that in the past( Buddha, Vivekananda, and more).Let's not get into intricate details of this as it will become a topic of debate rather than a Post. so, this Sunday I saw one such documentary. It is about three students somewhere in America who decided to do some research on witches. So they went out on an adventurous trip to the woods. They spend 4 nights in the woods and the nights were freaking frightening. At times they had their hearts jumping out in their hands. Their Ass was on fire and still you hear them saying ‘I am Ok, I am not scared’. Then when they woke up one night one of their friend goes missing. Then other problems appear like one freak guy kicks the map and they get hungry and tired to explore the woods anymore. I don’t understand what type of these fucking Americans are??? First they go out on adventure and then they cry and beg for help in the woods. At last the two guys left couldn’t survive the witchcraft and lay dead deep in the woods. If you get a chance please see ‘The Blair Witch Project’…………………………..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


First of all i am sorry for being out the blogging picture for so long. Actually, there are reasons for this. First Blogspot is blocked in Satyam network and secondly, i was bit busy in finding solace/truth. Finally i succeded in my effort and i promise you that i will keep posting post from now on regularly. In this post i will discuss only about what i went through in the past one month or so. After 7th Jan era, there was a lot of chaos in Satyam regarding firing. This made me somewhat very insecure and frustrated. Also the excitment of getting into project was dying in me beacuse i came into reality how project works here. No logical work!!! A small kid can do the task that we were asked to do. Sometimes i feel that why i am in this fucking testing circle. As Bagga says "Enjoyment should be there", so i thought to fing some task in which i can enjoy. The moment i got when i got one mail from Satyam Foundation. They have organised SUMMER CAMP in which every weekend one trip is organised to any one of the underprivileged shelter homes. I enjoy a lot over there being with the kids. We play, we laugh, we dance and lots more. Now i will answer about what happens in office??? From the last 10 days our project cycle is completed and next cycle is scheduled after 6 weeks. So, literally speaking there is no work in office. I reach office by 11 A.M and do trading till market hours are over and then i do blogging on satyam blogs. Now our Project FLCL has started new sayapa.....Training on QTP is being given to all team members. The same training we have been trained 5 months back. Now i am afraid that after training whether we will be having an OLA or not??? Oh ya the best thing that i liked was CPL(Citi Premier League). I enjoyed a lot and made handsome 35 runs but were not enough to save my team. That all what i had to say about my life. Also the good or bad whatever you may say is that my thirst for Sharaab has increased(almost every weekend and that too continuous 3 days). But i have reduced my Ciggi intake to 2 or 3(max). So, bbye and post your comments. I will be back with my another post in a few days. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ladki, Bus aur Train ……।It’s a famous dialogue from movie ISHQ। If you run for these 3 things you will definitely fall in some trouble। Unfortunately I came with such situation on last Friday. On last weekend POPO( My College friend ) came to Hyderabad. He wanted to do some shopping for family, so we went to Shilparaman. There at one Kurta Shop I noticed some fine kurtas. Actually, I had plans of wearing kurta on Friday in office. Each one of us ( ankesh, vinod, me) bought kurtas. On Friday me and vinod went to office in traditional attire. Actually on that day we went a bit late. On reaching Miyanpur X road. We saw bus which was about to leave for Gandi Maisamma. Usually I never run for the bus but that day I don’t know what prompted me to run. I ran for about 100-200 metres but the bus left.
Ohhh I forgot to tell you one more thing that after the 7th Jan declaration by Mr Raju I had stopped wearing ID card outside Satyam. But that day I wore it like I was wearing some diamond necklace around my neck. Coming back to the story, we took an auto to Bachupally . When I got down at Bachupally, then I came to know that my ID is not there. Only the string was hanging in it’s place. I was totally screwed. Without ID I won’t be able to get pass the main gate. I went back to Miyanpur, searched everywhere. I was expecting something out of nothing. I had no option but to goto office. I reached there, raised a request for new one and got one temporary ID (which is nothing but blank plastic card with satyam logo on one side). I am still having that card and for a new card Rs 200/- is the money that I have to give to Satyam. I am Nameless now in Satyam till I get my new ID card. And on 12th Feb I had a huge loss of losing my dearest watch in Satyam bus. Yesterday I bought a replacement for that one. So, Feb month was a bit rude to me.
From now on I won’t run for a bus in my lifetime!!!! The other two things are still to happen with me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"मेरी कहानी"

सुनलो सुनाता हूँ अपनी कहानी

सत्यम से शुरू होती है कहानी

ट्रेनिंग मैं की खूब की मस्ती

ओला मैं आ गई सुस्ती

एक भी ओला न हुआ पास

मिले तीन LOC ख़ास

spotlight मैं किया ड्रामा और नाच

रात को मिले हम पाँच

बस शराब का सहारा है

सुट्टे ने भी हमें किया मतवाला है

हाँ रब से ये दुया की

मेरे हाथ मैं भी दे दे एक प्रेम की डोरी

करूँ मैं जिससे सीना जोरी

२ महीने के bench का खूब लिया मज़ा

अब प्रोजेक्ट आ gale पड़ा

याद आते हैं दोस्त बहुत

लेकिन रहते हैं दूर बहुत दूर

khatam करता हूँ यहाँ मैं kahani

jiyo जी bhar रखना हमेशा याद

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who will be my Valentine???

14th Feb is here again!!! Everyone is seen flocking Archies gallery buying Gifts and Cards for their beloved ones. But for me this just another day like other days. Thank GOD this Valentine is falling on Saturday....WEEKEND. The only thing i can do is what i did this Friday :). In our training time, i had no problem in finding people for Sharaab. Be it Soda, Anzal, Bagga and hardcore alcoholic (Nair), they were always ready to assemble in Soda's room but now thongs are not the same. I don't go out on 14th feb as the scene of couples sitting in Pubs or Restaurants holding their hands make my heart go fuming. I wish i could have atleast one but i have made my reputation worse among girls in my college. Now i repent on my foolishness, what have i done. If i go out with my male friends out on 14th Feb, then people might think of us as *Dostana guys. But this year my Dear friends( to all lucky ones) please be safe because saffron brigade will be going on rounds and i can't see you both being harrassed by them. Sometimes i think that are these people doing right? I believe that the answer to this question is somewhat 50-50. Actually because of some devils among us this day is figured in a wrong way. I was reading an article in Times of India this sunday and Sena chief Muthalik said that they have proof of 38 girls raped in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata last year on this day. No doubt he might be right. But because of certain sect of people they can't suspect everyone to be like them. Sena promotes the slogan "TIE or DIE". I liked this very much because if you love someone then you must marry her and promise to live with her till death. I don't support flirting and this may be the reason i don't have a girlfriend because i don't have guts to go against my parent's wishes. So, i wish you all have a good time with ur beloved and don't goto to places where moral brigade will be patrolling. Chalo bbye and do tell me about your good time after 14th Feb. And about me.....hahahaha.....Main meri Botal aur tanhai........

Monday, January 26, 2009

Who is GOD!!!

I am writing this blog after a long gap. The reason is that i am screwed up for the past 12 days i use internet at home for just 1 hour and that too for just checking mails only. I wake up at 8 in the morning and come back at 8 in the night. There are only few occasions when i used to get up at 8 in the morning- in my training at Satyam, in my first year at college when we used to have our class and in my early childhood ( When i was 5 or 6 years old) as told by my parents. I woke up at 5 in the morning. Amazing!!! I wonder that i was early riser. Coming back to blog from my past schedule.
If we go across this world, we will found thousands of religions. And these thousands of religions account to millions of traditions and rules. Taking alone Hinduism, We have 33,00,00,000 Devtas alone. So, I wonder if there are so many devtas in hinduism alone then how many devtas are there in other religions. Taking there total of all religions, it would come nearly same as number of people on Earth. Then where they sit or where they have their palaces. Earth is going to be full in near future and heaven and hell in total is already full. Then i am 100% sure there would be an explosion. This very thought comes to me very frequently since i was 10 years old.
What i believe is that these devtas are creation of humans only. Actually, million years ago when the comunity of people was rising and there wer mere 1000 people on this earth, then a group of wise men decided that they need to declare someone as Ultimate Leader to whom everyone would pay their homage and bow their head in respect. This way GOD was created and they also created new rules. But then you ask how the other GOD's come from?? It's the basic nature of human that he considers himself superior. He started creating his own GOD according to his own needs and created their own rules. In this way population of GOD went increasing.
Lastly, the big question is: Whom should we call god or bhagwaan??? According to me, God is omnipresent and is seen in every human being. Each one of us has a unique quality that is present in himself only. For calling someone God, his Soul should be pure. For making our soul pure, we should not indulge in any of the practices that hurt anyone, should not speak lie (But there is a condition of that given by Bagga should be met), help others and spread knowledge and awareness among masses. And when our soul becomes pure, our mind goes into NIRVANA state where we can feel a lot of energy. So, our main aim should be to attain this NIRVANA state to make the spirit pure.
This was all that i want to say in this issue of blog. I am sorry if i used any offensive statements. My intention was not to hurt your religious feelings. These all facts are based on my personal feelings. Keep Smiling and Enjoy life.....But i suggest you to make it a habit as not to waste your food and make sure that you feed one mouth a day....Thank you!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Need for change!!!

Change is a word that we as a whole large community is afraid of. Change is very necessary for the civilization to prosper in the right path. What we do when winter comes? We all wear woolens and keep ourselves warm by burning fire or from heater. If we don't do this we will fall prey to the very powerful force on this planet and fall ill. This predator is Environment. This environment keeps on changing, so do we. But at the onset of every season, we feel uncomfortable as we are unable to cope up with changing environments. I am not here to tell you what to wear in what season but i am just trying to tell you that how a small change can set everything right. Actually yesterday i was reading "OSHO WORLD" in which there was one article by the master himself about "The change we believe in". In that he has made a point that only a rebellious person can bring out the change. A rebel is a person who is living with his present and is aware of his future and decides accordingly. He doesn't lives with past. Osho gives a slight hint in his article to Obama who has made one statement during his election rally that The change we believe in. Thus, i think that Obama and Osho have a common belief that it's time for a change in everything. be it politics, entertainment etc. Why do our politicians afraid of elections that come every 4 years? Because they fear that they may be out of power, giving way to new people. But don't you think it is necessary as we too get bored of these stinky people for 4 years. Today whole world is suffering fron financial crisis. India and pakistan are back on ageold track of accusing each other. Rising crime and terrorism. What to do now? We desperately need a change. And for that change we need someone from ourselves to stand up because no Krishna, no Ram no Buddha would come for our saviour. We need a rebel to satand for us and bring a deeo sea-change.........

I will keep posting more on Osho!!!
Till then Enjoyyyyy!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Two Little Angels!!!

There are a lot of hard drinks and soft drinks to choose from today. You have a unending list of companies who manufacture these products. Have you ever thought how much would one bottle of COKE costs the manufacturer. It's not more than 2 Rs but we get it at Rs 10. Why??? Because of Kareena and Aamir Khan. These companies pay these Stars from our pockets. Hey i am not getting into management, so don't get serious. I am just going to tell you a real story that happened with me when i was going back home from Begumpet to Hafeezpet. The story goes like this........As usual i was late in getting up this morning but it's not late i would call but toooooo lateeeee. I woke up at 12:30. I am sure if my manager came to know that i come to office at this hour, I would be fired from Satyam. I had my lunch at office and Vinod asked me to go to Walden to buy some book. We left for Walden at 3:00 P.M and after spending 2 hours at Walden without buying any book except I got one magazine(OSHO WORLD), we decided to go by MMTS. We reached at Begumpet station t board MMTS. Just when MMTS was about to arrive, I purchased one bottle of FANTA (APPLE FLAVOUR). As it was a new flavour by Fanta and i hadn't tasted it so i thought of trying it out. After about 15 minutes when we were about to arrive at Hafeezpet, one little girl pulled my jeans. She begged me for money. But just before that i had given another girl 1 Rupee so i tried to avoid her by saying "Chutta nahin hai". But she kept pulling my jeans. I felt irritated and was about to scold her when suddenly i understood her actions. Actually her eyes were fixed at Fanta bottle and she had so much innocence in her face that i could nt explain. I gave the bottle to her. I closely watched her. She turned back and called some one in "Telugu i suppose. Then from the crowd a small, pretty girl came out with a glass in her hand in which she had coins she begged from people. That little girl was the same one i had earlier given i Rupee coin. Then that girl emptied the glass and her sister(I suppose) gave her half of the drink and both enjoyed it. After they finished their drink both the girls looked at me and gave a Contented smile. I felt happy about being able to satisfy someone in my life. I can't forget their face for the rest of my life. Then i deboarded at Hafeezpet station and those two sisters went running out of my sight but they were still looking back at me as they were thanking me for Quenching their thirst which was there for years......

"Everyone says that India is Shining. Is this way India is shining then i am sorry to say that this is not shine but a big black dot on India's face. Think about it"