Addictive Soaps

Thinking of Lux, Lifebuoy!!! I am not talking of the soap you rub on your genitals everyday but i am talking of the daily soaps that your mother or other female members watch everyday on the idiot box. I have seen ladies crying over Mihir's death and dicussing latest episode on some body's funeral. From Hum Log in 1980s to K Serials in 2005, i think their is a degradation in the content. These soaps have transformed themselves from time to time and diversified as well. I don't know how the fuck(sorry for using *DUCK word) Ekta kapoor is getting high TRP's for showing non-sense for over 4 or 5 years. I wonder how one can watch same thing repeatedly for 5 years. I just watched one of her show for one week and what i could make out is that it portrays women as the Master devil and men as a mere servant. I swear to God that i laughed out of my heart at their acting also. How can a person sleep with heavy make-up and jewellery? And when you wake up are your hair neatly combed or you need to dress up? The Supreme Court should ban such channels for publiticising polyandry. In Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, I wonder whether Tulsi can confidently say who is her Husband and how many children she had??? After watching all such non-sense we call Tulsi and Parvati (Kahani Ghar Ghar ki ) the Ideal Bahu. It's all Bullshit!!! If such women are ideal bahu then i am worried what will be future of india, a land of Great pious ladies of our past such as Sita, Meera, etc. This is one aspect of Daily soap. Now they have diversified into reality shows. Some reality shows are constructive because they give us a platform to showcase our talent. But some programs like Iss Jungle se mujhe bachao, MTV Roadies are doing a wrong way of earning TRPs and money. One day i was watching iss jungle se mujhe bachao. Saala the girls were bathing in bikini and two peice showing all they possess. The reality shows provide the celebrities a stage for publicity and more cash for the owner. I wonder if they can bathe in bikini in front of the camera then what they did behind the camera???WOW!!! I should i have a spy camera for this :P How can a person watch such realty shows with parents??? And the language they use when they fight among themselves. Though these channels censor it but what impact can it be on our younger generation. Ok fine, i don't have problem with foul language but what about Nanga naach shown live on TV. And how can you forget MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla. They should get No. 1 rating in Highly adult shows. I feel good and support them fully when the VHP and RSS people oppose such acts. Also sometimes i feel that Muslims who have made Veil (Burka) compulsory for women is must for them in this world of nudity.

Now some good about daily soaps. Not every soap is bad, some are good to watch. Like these days Colors shows various soaps and each one is superb and i am addicted to it. Every soap is based on some type of social obligation. I just want to say that watch such channels which give some message and from which you can gain something positive. Make use of the idiot box in a positive way as far as possible and spread good around you. Stay Happy and Cheerful!!!!!


Tarun Goel said…
O bhai, how can you watch these poor quality silly shows. Ek baat batane ke lioye ye 15-20 minute se kam nahin lete & these celebrity shows are just a depiction of a huge psychological disorder.
You just notice onething shows like roadies, iss jungle, rakhi swatmwar, this is all encashing on the weak psychological condition of masses. But masses never exist, do they? :)
Anonymous said…
watching there serials is real fun
EKTA sucks.......
but still her serial has trapped minds of million innocent indian girls and women(mine sister is also a victim of her )
we are in democratic society anyone has the right to choose anything
so no worry :)
Nishit said…
@ Tarun
Are Bhai i am not talking of all daily soaps but some of those that are telecasted on Colors can u stay away from these channels when your Mom is watching it....butu i found them different from the K Serials or the saas bahu types.....
abhishek gupta said…
abe gadhe... jake apne kamre me padh nahi to so ja better hai ye sab dekhne se

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