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A #MeToo Affair

Social Media is such a powerful tool which gives the powerless an immense power to mold it to his/her benefit accordingly. It seems as if people are carrying an FIR system with them all the time. You just vent out all your harrowing experience and click 'submit'. The information spreads like wildfire getting instant 'Likes' and 'Share'. And if the victim is a woman, then the entire hardcore feminist group will blindly support the victim. I wonder did they ever bother to hear the other side of the story. The issue is extrapolated to such a level that the other person loses his ground and even if he/she tries to put forward his/her point, it is stashed in the backyard. Today I am going to share my personal opinion about the #MeToo series of allegations by our pretty ladies of #Bollywood on producers, directors and co-actors. The #MeToo fire was started by Tanushree Dutta who accused Nana Patekar of 'lurking' around on the sets of 'Horn Ok Please'…