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6 Degrees: Game of Blogs review

I must appreciate #Blogadda for conceptualizing the idea of collaborating different bloggers and bring them on a common platform to think and write a story. I would like to congratulate all the 30 bloggers who worked passionately day in and day out to create this piece crafted with precision. What I liked most about the book is that the characters in all the three stories are the same and the reader doesn’t get lost as he/she progresses towards the end. #Blogadda has given a nice platform for the creative bloggers to come forward and pen down their creations in the form of a book and let the world know about it. I truly enjoyed reading the book and being a book critic this time, I would love to be a part of the writing team whenever #Blogadda is launching the second edition. I will review each story one by one. The first story is ‘The Awakening’ is a sci-fi story of the aliens planning to attack the Earth and take it under its control and on the other hand there are good aliens who wa…