Thursday, October 10, 2013

'Fresh N Pure' , I call it 'Magic'

Alas!!! The day which every single bourgeois human being try to deceive has yet again arrived. It is a part of a cycle which is unavoidable. People call it Monday; I call it 'Shrieking Monday' after a fantastic 'freaking Sunday and Saturday. To avoid the morning hustle and bustle of the city traffic, I take a early head start from home. In fact, the secret to my early start is to avoid anger of my bald boss on reaching late to office. My office is a sweet 30 minutes drive from my home, without a single minute stoppage at red light. Before I start from home, I give a call to one of my #FreshNHappy colleague who lives at the end of the street. After picking her up we hit the Indian road to our office. It would be a waste of time to explain here how tidy and clean we bachelors are. We wear same underwear 'inside out' for 2-3 days. We don't care if are socks are dirty and emanating a pungent smell more bad than rotten egg. But yes we do care to look #FreshNHappy always. We apply gel, comb our hair well and spray half bottle of deodorant on our body. Infact we owe a lot to the revenue of deodorant companies. But we do at times brazen ourselves by secretly farting in public. Back to my car where I and my colleague, Rachita are inching closer to our office with every passing second. This is the only time when I want the clock to stop and I can feel the morning freshness of her wet hair. To make the mood more romantic, I switch on the A/C and play some soft Kishore da's songs on stereo player. It has been couple of months before we started car pooling to office. Since that day, I fell for her and I am pretty sure it is a one sided story but I don't want to take any chances and not telling my feelings for her. All these thoughts were raveling in my mind when all of a sudden a huge bump on the road went unnoticed and the jerk creates a pressure which I am unable to withhold. The result was a 'silent biological blast'. Before I open the window, the polluted air had entered Rachita's nostrils. She looked at me like a sheriff has caught a thief and I feel really embarrassed. In exasperation, I too cover my nose and abuse the Indian unhygienic surroundings. Somehow I reach office and the day ended in a sad note. In the evening, I sat with my friend Monk to share my grief. All of a sudden, an advertisement about #Ambi #Pur mini vent clip appeared on TV. A heap of rotten smelling specimen was placed besides blind-folded persons and was told to smell the air. No surprise what the reaction would be. I decided to give it a try and if it worked then I can avoid such embarrassing situations in future. Above all I can fart as much as I can. Thanks to #Ambi #Pur for giving such a magical device which really makes atmosphere #FreshNHappy. I am married to Rachita and we have two beautiful kids.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reader Shutdown > Bloglovin

It's really shocking to know that Google has decided to shutdown it's Google Reader service. I don't know the reason behind this strange decision. It was really an excellent tool to follow one's favorite blogs. Even one can read blogs when he/she is offline because it maintains a buffer data on your SD card. Anyways I still wish Google realizes how much folks love Google reader and they reconsider their decision. anyways I have moved all my blogs to BlogLovin, Please do join and follow me please | Stay in touch. Please find the link here

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Online Shopping 2013 | Save Money with Couponrani

Over the last 2 years, we Indians have gone berserk over online shopping. And all thanks to the eCommerce marketing teams who think from Indian customer perspective.
Basically what we want is **Discount* *Offers** on goods ranging from Electronics, Apparels, Food, Travel etc etc. Shopping online has given us an ease to browse and buy through the catalog of various goods while munching popcorn at our homes. But there are still many things to be kept in mind before you make a purchase online...
1. Before buying from any online shopping website do a through research about it's delivery time. 
2. If you are buying a product for the first time such a website, don't pay cash instead order a COD (I prefer)
3. Compare the product you are buying over more than 2 websites. Choose the one offering lowest price but again remember Rule 1.
4. Prior to payment check if there is discount available on particular Credit card. 
5. And don't forget to sign in to the website after making payment. You will regularly get deal updates on your email.
6. Last but not the least, remember to open in another tab of your explorer. And the good thing about is that the codes given have very grim chances of getting failed. Yes, they will work!!!!

Recently I booked flight tickets through makemytrip and thanks to coupon from , I got discount of 200 each on one way ticket. It a good deal right.

Folks do remember all the above points while shopping online in 2013 and also don't forget to check our beloved *Rani*, not Rani Mukherjee but  :)

Happy Shopping 2013!!!