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Telephonic Interview

Hi Guys how are you out there. Doing great and having fun. I think I told you that I am now on bench since 8th May 2009. I am going to tell you about my experience after getting released from project. I had to report to RCC at Satyam Gateway on 8th May. I was feeling a bit relaxed as I slept till 11 in the morning. We reported at 12 noon and were back to our flat by 2:15. That is what I call A perfect Private cum PSU job for me. No one is there to question you about why are you so late. Also I haven’t shaved for last 14 days. I have no plans to become a Mullah Omar or so but it’s like that only. I don’t feel like shaving anymore now. After a great and joyous weekend it’s my second day on bench. As usual I got up at 11 and we marched towards Satyam Gateway at 12. As I stepped out of my flat I got a call from landline. I picked up and had a telephonic Interview that lasted for around 20 minutes. He asked me about 10-15 questions on networking and I was looking foolish in my replies. I f…

Must Watch!!!

Are you scared of Ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost or a witch? I think most of you will say ‘NO’ . Now I rephrase my question like this one : Have you heard of Ghost stories in your town??? Absolutely ‘a strong YES’. Nobody has seen ghost in his real life but still we are afraid when we watch a horror movie or when we are alone at home esp. at night. Why this is so? I think this is all because of the data that has been fed into our mind when we were young by our very respected elder people. And this data is non-erasable. Once we are afraid of dark then no power on earth can remove this fear. Actually we feel afraid because at that time we are in unconcious state. If we manage to remain in concious state in any situation we tackle everything but it requires one to focus his whole energy to the seven tatvas. Only few individuals have done that in the past( Buddha, Vivekananda, and more).Let's not get into intricate details of this as it will become a topic of debate rather than a…


First of all i am sorry for being out the blogging picture for so long. Actually, there are reasons for this. First Blogspot is blocked in Satyam network and secondly, i was bit busy in finding solace/truth. Finally i succeded in my effort and i promise you that i will keep posting post from now on regularly. In this post i will discuss only about what i went through in the past one month or so. After 7th Jan era, there was a lot of chaos in Satyam regarding firing. This made me somewhat very insecure and frustrated. Also the excitment of getting into project was dying in me beacuse i came into reality how project works here. No logical work!!! A small kid can do the task that we were asked to do. Sometimes i feel that why i am in this fucking testing circle. As Bagga says "Enjoyment should be there", so i thought to fing some task in which i can enjoy. The moment i got when i got one mail from Satyam Foundation. They have organised SUMMER CAMP in which every weekend one tri…