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Intro to Solid Waste Management

What is Garbage? Any item which has served its purpose or is of no use to humans is discarded in trash can. Normally we can find kitchen waste, expired medicines, dry waste and unused plastic in the trash. No wonder it is rightly called as ‘Use Me’ and we also use is ruthlessly. Did we ever think how we can make use of waste for good? No. Solid Waste Management comes in action for you. #SWMis collecting, treating and disposing of solid waste in a well managed way. Improper disposal of solid waste effects environment badly. It also leads to outbreak of vector- borne diseases – diseases spread by rodents and insects. To implement #SWM in our society, there are social, administrative and economic challenges to be handled first.
We have seen huge piles of garbage lying alongside the road or streets waiting for the Municipal garbage pickup van to arrive. Until it arrives it acts as a playground of street dogs that scatter the waste here and there. Why such a system exists in the first pl…