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Why Me???

I don't remember when it stopped happening and why did it happened at all? It had become an integral part of my life and i swear to GOD that i had pledged to devote a part of my daily life to it. Confused??? I am talking about 'Blogging'. During our placement session in our college, we all tend to memorise or cram up "Strong points", "weak points" and even "Hobbies and interests". Why we do so??? Hey man, can't we use our own Fucking brain (sry for the word :P) but still knowingly we do such act. I also committed the same mistake but after i flunked my first company interview (TCS HR round). But that's past and it's never gonna come again. Let's think of today....after all it's 25 years that i have been blessed on this beautiful planet and what i have achieved. I met millions of people till now, interacted with many( can't calculate exact figure which is the reason why i scored less in Aptitude of CAT 2010), many becam…