Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dreams of Fire!!!

What is a Dream? For me Dream is a world of your own thoughts that is built in your mind whether conciously or unconciously. Dreams can give you joy, happiness while it can haunt you sometimes. You not only dream during sleep but during day also and dreaming during day is called DAY-DREAMING. I am a victim of day dreaming since the day i become aware of my surroundings. And today i will share some of my day dreaming experiences both horrible and joyful. When i was studying in my lower classes(class 6th and above as far as i remember) i used to get lost in the world of my own. I was a very very shy guy during my school and a bit of( or i must say a lot of) chutiya type guy. I was innocent and very moderate thinking village guy. I used to talk less in class and was always deeply engrossed into my thoughts in the class. Once my teacher asked me to read and i stood up with a blank face as i was not attentive as usual. I used to think about going back home early as i don't like studying at school. I must admit i was and am a total homesick. Then used to imagine myself doing all the questions on board and imagining myself as the topper of school. With the influence of internet my thoughts grew somewhat vulgar. I am sorry to say this but i began imagining my teachers, girls of my class. Now at times i am so engrossed in my dreams that i have fumbled couple of times. In my class 12th i was going for tution and i forgot to deboard at my destination and reached the last stop. At other times i forgot to collect return money from shopkeepers. Recently i went to bank to deposit some money when i found that i had miscalculated Rs 500*50 as Rs 50000 and the teller brought my mistake to notice. There are lots and lots of accidents happening with me everyday.
Being shy i neither have any GF or any girl friend. During my college also i rarely talked with girls and prefer to sstay away from them. Out of all girls i don't know the reason why it is so??? I am not able to forget Megna. She visits my dreams very frequently till now and i get excited when someone mentions her name or talks about her. Don't take it otherwise because it not what all of you are thinking. She reminds me of Perizaad Zorabian. I think it's enough now and i must change the course of blog :P
Apart from Day-Dreaming i have another unique problem of SELF-TALK. I talk to my own self whenever alone and that too loudly. You may think that i am mad or insane but i think my best friend is my own self. Talking to myself makes me feel light and take any burden off from me at times. Before i sign off for now i have a special story for you........
There is an unending tussle going on between tarun and bsnl for last two or more months. He's got broadband connection after tough fight with BSNL officials but now his connection isn't working. Don't worry Tarun, let me become JTO i will give you renumeration of 5 years of free usage. :P. May GOD give Tarun all strength and power to win this battle over BSNL........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Self Realization

Life of a human being is like a vast ocean and we humans are sailboats moving in the vast ocean aimlessly and try to find it's way to the shore. They don't have any Captain and the motion of ship depends completely on direction of wind. Just like sailboats we humans tend to live throughout our lives drifting away into this vast ocean of life with the aim of getting all the luxuries in life(Money is such a thing the more we go for it, the more desire it creates in us) someday and finally lead a sound and peaceful life at the end. But we never get that peace ever in life and when we get it we are too old to enjoy them. We never reach the destination we set before going on such a expedition. Just look back at your past till now and recall have you ever did anything out of your conscience or you simply did it because it was your parents wish to see you become doctors and engineers? If yes, then i salute your decision and may you succeed in life. But most of us live our life for the sake of others. We never ever live for us. Many of us take science as their subject in 10+2 when they want to go for arts or commerce. Then against their will they are forced to become engineers and finally they end up in some big Multi National Fish with big bucks into your hands every month. These big fishes don't have any emotional attachment with it's employees at all. At the end of the day all they want is getting the project done on time for some gora. Then you get married after sometime and now the real problem starts creeping into your life. Now you are stuck!!! You can't even think of leaving job because at least 2 persons are involved now. Then children and their responsibility of studies, their marriage and so on.......When you realize now everything has settled you are already in a stage of Ram Naam. Still their are persons who don't want to become captain less sailboats and be the driver of their own ship row their ship against all odds and reach his exact destination. For them Money is not the baseline of everything but self realization is the ultimate goal which gives them happiness and satisfaction. These are two factors for which everyone of us strive through this competitive world. You must be surprised why i am talking philosophical when my last 2 or 3 blogs were full of humour. Normally i am not a philosopher by profession but today i just came upon this very idea to share with you all. Actually i realised (after getting my re-joining on 19th Dec), i am a part of the group who travel on ship without a captain drifting away with the wind. What i thought would be easy for me to work independently seems not viable right now as odds are against me. I salute those who chose to stand different from the crowd, i salute their effort and hope for their success and contentment in whatever they do....I wish i could one day have the power to overcome my fear and drive my own ship my own way........Life is Complex like a jalebi. Their are many twist and turns which you come to know gradually!!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Addictive Soaps

Thinking of Lux, Lifebuoy!!! I am not talking of the soap you rub on your genitals everyday but i am talking of the daily soaps that your mother or other female members watch everyday on the idiot box. I have seen ladies crying over Mihir's death and dicussing latest episode on some body's funeral. From Hum Log in 1980s to K Serials in 2005, i think their is a degradation in the content. These soaps have transformed themselves from time to time and diversified as well. I don't know how the fuck(sorry for using *DUCK word) Ekta kapoor is getting high TRP's for showing non-sense for over 4 or 5 years. I wonder how one can watch same thing repeatedly for 5 years. I just watched one of her show for one week and what i could make out is that it portrays women as the Master devil and men as a mere servant. I swear to God that i laughed out of my heart at their acting also. How can a person sleep with heavy make-up and jewellery? And when you wake up are your hair neatly combed or you need to dress up? The Supreme Court should ban such channels for publiticising polyandry. In Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, I wonder whether Tulsi can confidently say who is her Husband and how many children she had??? After watching all such non-sense we call Tulsi and Parvati (Kahani Ghar Ghar ki ) the Ideal Bahu. It's all Bullshit!!! If such women are ideal bahu then i am worried what will be future of india, a land of Great pious ladies of our past such as Sita, Meera, etc. This is one aspect of Daily soap. Now they have diversified into reality shows. Some reality shows are constructive because they give us a platform to showcase our talent. But some programs like Iss Jungle se mujhe bachao, MTV Roadies are doing a wrong way of earning TRPs and money. One day i was watching iss jungle se mujhe bachao. Saala the girls were bathing in bikini and two peice showing all they possess. The reality shows provide the celebrities a stage for publicity and more cash for the owner. I wonder if they can bathe in bikini in front of the camera then what they did behind the camera???WOW!!! I should i have a spy camera for this :P How can a person watch such realty shows with parents??? And the language they use when they fight among themselves. Though these channels censor it but what impact can it be on our younger generation. Ok fine, i don't have problem with foul language but what about Nanga naach shown live on TV. And how can you forget MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla. They should get No. 1 rating in Highly adult shows. I feel good and support them fully when the VHP and RSS people oppose such acts. Also sometimes i feel that Muslims who have made Veil (Burka) compulsory for women is must for them in this world of nudity.

Now some good about daily soaps. Not every soap is bad, some are good to watch. Like these days Colors shows various soaps and each one is superb and i am addicted to it. Every soap is based on some type of social obligation. I just want to say that watch such channels which give some message and from which you can gain something positive. Make use of the idiot box in a positive way as far as possible and spread good around you. Stay Happy and Cheerful!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How Weird Can It Be!!!!

DISCLAIMER: The content shown below contains sexually explicit material and may be harmful for children's below 18 Years of Age. The content below is non-fictional and the reader may feel it violent at certain places. If you are 18 years of age and above please proceed else wait for my next blog...


I returned from Chandigarh yesterday. I decided to return by CTU bus instead of A/C Volvo which i took while going to Chandigarh. I took the bus from Sector-43. I have visited Chandigarh 5 or 6 times but yet i find this place very confusing. I could not make out which sector is where.
Finally, i started back at 4 PM and on my way i went back to my Happy Old days and so i am sharing it with you...

1) Have you ever done something weird in your life? If Yes then rate yours with mine. I was in Chandigarh this weekend. I reached Chandigarh late at night and i was damn tired because of 9 hours journey and that too in Bus. I checked in at a hotel and got myself 2 Beer. After emptying the stuff i lay flat on the bed fully Naked. I felt like masturbating but didn't feel good about it doing the same old way. I thought of doing something innovative this time. I took one soft rope
and tied it's one end to the fan above and tied the other end with my Dick. Then i laid flat on the bed and switched on the fan momentarily. Literally speaking it gave me immense pleasure that i never felt before. But i advise you not to try this at home.

2) This is some 2 years old incident happened unfortunately to me. I was travelling from Jammu to Delhi alone. The Bus stopped for dinner at Sanja Chulla, Sujanpur. I had my dinner with Dal Makhani and Butter roti. I ate double my capacity and boarded the bus. After 2 hours i began feeling trouble in my stomach. Suddenly i started feeling pain in my abdomen and went to the driver and asked him to stop somewhere as need a loo urgently. He got angry and asked me to control it for sometime. I told him that it's an emergency situation but that guy was stubborn and didn't listened to me. As i was pleading him to stop somewhere i felt i couldn't hold the pressure anymore and released it into my pants. SHIT!!!! I came back to my seat as emergency conditon had passed. Now the interesting part. The conductor shouted and said," Chal ja, bus 10 min ruki hai". I told him,"Hello Boss,the time had passed. you just missed the train. Now carry on". Finally after reaching Delhi i washed all the shit off at the SARVAJANIK SHOCHALAYA at kashmere gate.

3) Time = Final year in my college and just after my placement. I got placed in Satyam and was very happy as i got what i had never expected i would get. The reason is my CGPA was 5.99 in my 7th semester. so me and Varun who both were selected in Satyam went to Rang Mahal for celebration with other friends. I remembered how i got there but didn't remember how i get back to my room. I was hell drunk. When i reached hostel, i was sleeping in common room. Then my closest friend POPO offered me help to my room but i refused stating that i am alright. I bade goodbye and went to my room. It was 4 A.M in the morning and i woke up and found myself sleeping in bathroom of our hostel. I had properly bolted it from inside. May be i thought it to be my room in drunk state of mind.

There are many other weird incidents happened to me but i don't remember now. I soon as i remember any of them i will Post them in my blog. Enjoy reading it and do post any of yours weird tasks....