Thursday, October 21, 2010


The day i landed in Bengaluru i was filled with immense Joy and felt exalted that i am going to be live in India's IT HUB or what we call it - Silicon valley. Compared to Hyderabad climate of Bengaluru is far better although the natives tell that it's a bit warmer nowadays than previous year. Apart from climate factor other things that Bengaluru will give you an Adrenaline push is it's Traffic and cost of living. Of course means of public transport is excellent as Luxury Volvo buses ply on roads but everybody can't afford to travel on them. Every time i travel from my place, Electronic City to Forum Mall Banglore i feel nauseating and lethargic when i reach there. So bengaluru has it's pros and cons. Actually everything does have it's pros and cons and we as humans need to find a right kind of attitude and solution to tackle it out. On one side Bengaluru is among the fastest growing cities in India and on the other hand it's on the verge of exploding because of large scale migration of people from different states who work over here. Is there any solution possible??? I find me helpless????
                Another big problem that i faced is the rude behavior of Autowaalas. One day me and vinod were coming from forum mall(well known place) to electronic city. We were too tired to take a walk to our home so decided to take auto and asked one of the autowaala how much he would charge to go to Anand reddy layout(Distance from the point we were standing to anand reddy layout would be 1 KM). The person told us that he will charge Rs 40, We insisted him to go by meter but he refused and said this is fixed rate. Then i told in a very polite way,"bhaiya chennai nahin jaana hai, satyam tak hi jaana hai". At that moment the guy went crazy as if i had lighted some Diwali patakha. Two more autowaalas came and stood behind us and the person started shouting at us. Then i asked that guy to calm down and told vinod to move on. When i was about to move i thought of taking a picture of the registration number of the auto (There is a web community in face book and also at Indi-Blogger meet in the "CIVIL DEFENSE" seminar i came to know how to register a complaint about such errant behavior of autowallas). That guy saw me clicking pictures and rushed towards me. He started snatching my cellphone. Then vinod also turned back and came as my savior. The expression on that man's face clearly indicated signs of guilt, fear, anxiety. That is why he was trying to stop me from clicking pictures. At that very moment i said to myself that in future i won't hire that bloody asshole's Auto and i need to be better prepared about how i need to tackle such kind of situations in future.

P.S If you are in Bengaluru, it is advisable to take Volvo bus to reach your destination. Please avoid Autos.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wish I had....

Had i not attended the Indiblogger meet at Bengluru i wouldn't be writing this post. I am highly obliged to Indiblogger team and acknowledge their initiative of bringing different bloggers together. Oh man just kidding, i am actually in a state of hangover because yesterday i went to Chinnaswamy stadium to watch ongoing India-Aussie test match and felt very disappointed on my phone (probably for the first time) as it had built-in camera of 2 MP of no use. It's clarity is pathetic. I couldn't click any pictures of all time favourite, GOD, legendary Sachin Tendulkar playing a superb innings. Only yesterday i realised the importance of camera phone. If i had a built-in camera i could have clicked pictures of sachin and tweeted on my twitter profile.
That would have helped me gain more readership or can say the TRP of my account would have gone up. An excellent resolution with touch technology would make my phone a killer version in market. The touch of a finger is utmost powerful as compared to pressing keys. A new born feels the presence of his mother by a mere touch. When he grows to an adult then the meaning of finger would mean different to him. Then he will use his finger to arouse his partner. With the camera i could click pictures anytime and with GPRS on my phone i would immediately share it with friends. Looks cool. being an ITian not IITian i need to check mails so need my phone to tell me that i have received a new email. Also if i had size of more than 2.5"(talking about screen size. Don't think something else) i can enjoy videos on the go to keep me entertained because i have no girlfriend. For those who have someone special in their life they don't need big screen size as they have a walk-talk Ipod. I wish my phone vibration to match earthquake of 7.5 Richter scale. Many a times I have missed calls from friends and family and then i have to give excuses why i didn't pick the call. Lastly as they say size doesn't matter i would like my phone to be small, cute and light but a heavy loaded man-made tool to satisfy my all needs.