Sunday, November 22, 2009

"26/11: Have India changed"

A year is over since the gruesome terror attack on one of India's pride 'The Taj' which left hundreds of people in the pool of blood. The reality is- Still Kasab is enjoying Indian Hospitality in Indian jail. Isn't the reason enough that he killed innocent people for hanging him? Why India is expecting help from pakistan when everyone knew 'ZERO' cooperation from PAK. My personal view is that India haven't taken enough measures in the last 1 year and the Mumbaikars who still fear travelling in Local is a proof of that. I think Indian judicial system needs a change now. Sometimes today while watching TV, you suddenly come across some news about an incident that has happened 8 or 10 years back and today it's judgement is done. If Indian judicial system would take so long in giving judgement then just imagine in that period the culprit can commit how many more crimes. Also criminals today have no fear of punishment because they know they will hire best of the best lawyers to fight for them and they will be out. When 9/11 occurred in US in 2001, US turned their forces up against Afganistan and declared war. I don't want that India also follow US path but should take stringent steps. How many more terror strikes does India need to wake up? We don't want our Heroes turn Martyr's. Please share your views on 26/11.........................

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy to help- 139

Last night i was standing at New Delhi railway station waiting for Jhelum Express which was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 P.M but unfortunately and not surprisingly was 45 mins late. There was no announcement of Jhelum and i was pissed off waiting there among huge crowd of people. Suddenly from nowhere a number flashed before my eyes- 139. WOW!!! This is railway enquiry. I took out my phone and called 139 half-heartedly as this is just a number provided by Railways to tell people about the existence of such a service but it has never worked before. But yesterday the call was picked in just one ring and a sweet voice said,
Welcome to railway Enquiry!!!
Press 1 for Hindi and 2 for English!!
After that my call was transferred to customer care executive and i got my query answered. I was overjoyed. Good news for all of you and go ahead and call "139".
A short interview with Mr Raj:
Nishit: Thanks for accepting my invitation
Mr Raj: &#$^##^*((*)^$^$&^(In Marathi)
Nishit: So you must be happy after MNS getting good share of seats than BJP-SS
Mr Raj: ^&^#$^#$*#&(*&(&*( Again in Marathi)
Nishit: What are your plans as a opposition?
Mr Raj: %^%^&%^&&*^*^&^&*^*( Marathi again)
Nishit: Sir this is an english channel. I request you to please speak in English
Mr Raj: %^&%&^**&*(&*(
Nishit: Thank you very much and we will never call you again.

Last week i watched an interview of Mr Raj on NDTV where he didn't say any word in English or Hindi. And today when ABU Azmi took oath in hindi MNS workers created a fuss during assembly session. What's going on in India called secular, democratic ? How can a group of people force anyone to do what they don't like? Who the fuck are these people and why is our judiciary system fails before them. What you call such acts: an act of dictatorship or fascism!!!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who's Fault?

Place: Jammu
Where in Jammu: Just outside my house
Date: 6th Nov 2009

Incident: Just outside my house there is a tri-junction . So it becomes mandatory to blow HORN but unfortunately people in India are in such a hurry that they don't care. Not only Horn is necessary one should slow down a bit at curves. Due to these mistakes or rather i would say 'Blunders' the screeching sound is very common. My dad always warns me to blow horn and pass slowly till the lane is over. But today i happened to witness one such road accident. As usually i woke up at 12 Noon and was about to take a bath when i heard screeching sound- A scooter and a auto rickshaw has collided. The owner of scooter held that poor autowaala and was asking 1000 bugs from him and that autowaala was almost in tears( God help the poor masses). I interfered and asked that scooter waala to first leave his shirt and talk sensibly or approach a *thulaa for *maandawli. That guy was adamant and kept repeating 1000, 1000, 1000....Then i inspected the crime scene and visualised how the accident might have happened. Actually both were at fault though Autowaala was a bit rash. But the matter of fact is that no one had got any injuries and their vehicles were also intact - No damage. All of us tried convincing the guy to leave the poor guy but he was stone stuck at his position. Later i told the autowaala to get a thulaa and get the matter resolved. The scooter waala left the poor guy and picked his scooter and started leaving crying foul over the matter. May be he got scared by the call of thulaa or whatever but the matter finished.
Don't know who's at fault but one should remember accidents happen when both parties are at fault. Fight is not the solution. For me that scooter waala becomes a loser because everyone there was supporting poor guy!!! One statement of the scooter guy infuriated me as he said that you are a "Hindu" and me too. There i decided to not let him exploit the poor fellow anymore. From where the issue of Hindu or Muslim came? I am still puzzled.....

For the Last couple of days such incidents are happening with me. Sometimes i get stuck in traffic and help resolve the traffic or at other times get myself involved in brawl with neighbours over garbage issue. Once i asked one aunty as not to throw garbage on road instead throw it in dustbin. But the lady didn't admit her mistake and finally i had to finish the talk. How people are so adamant? Why people can't say sorry? Does sorry make them small? I can't understand......if you please help me answer this............

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fatwa Against "Vande Mataram"

India has become a land of controversies and every day we come to know about something new, and this time a newer controversy is before us all. Some Muslim clerics( called Dharma ke Rakshak. Who gave then the right to decide what is right and wrong? Don't they have any work to do at their home?) in Deoband passed a fatwa against singing of Vande Mataram.
Vande Mataram means bowing before thee and for muslims bending before any other (not even your parents) than Allah is considered against their policy of MONOTHEISM. What i don't understand is this:
Who has written Quran?
Who told them not to bend before any other except Allah?
What will happen if they do such acts?
Who are these bunch of people carrying out the FATWA? If they don't want then ok, why are they making it compulsory for every Muslim. If someone choses not to say VM then he is free to do but going public with such disclosure is not at all justfiable.
Such acts like this one or Ram mandir issue are very sensitive issues and one should think about the consequences before going public................Open to all of you now!!!!!