Monday, March 2, 2009


Ladki, Bus aur Train ……।It’s a famous dialogue from movie ISHQ। If you run for these 3 things you will definitely fall in some trouble। Unfortunately I came with such situation on last Friday. On last weekend POPO( My College friend ) came to Hyderabad. He wanted to do some shopping for family, so we went to Shilparaman. There at one Kurta Shop I noticed some fine kurtas. Actually, I had plans of wearing kurta on Friday in office. Each one of us ( ankesh, vinod, me) bought kurtas. On Friday me and vinod went to office in traditional attire. Actually on that day we went a bit late. On reaching Miyanpur X road. We saw bus which was about to leave for Gandi Maisamma. Usually I never run for the bus but that day I don’t know what prompted me to run. I ran for about 100-200 metres but the bus left.
Ohhh I forgot to tell you one more thing that after the 7th Jan declaration by Mr Raju I had stopped wearing ID card outside Satyam. But that day I wore it like I was wearing some diamond necklace around my neck. Coming back to the story, we took an auto to Bachupally . When I got down at Bachupally, then I came to know that my ID is not there. Only the string was hanging in it’s place. I was totally screwed. Without ID I won’t be able to get pass the main gate. I went back to Miyanpur, searched everywhere. I was expecting something out of nothing. I had no option but to goto office. I reached there, raised a request for new one and got one temporary ID (which is nothing but blank plastic card with satyam logo on one side). I am still having that card and for a new card Rs 200/- is the money that I have to give to Satyam. I am Nameless now in Satyam till I get my new ID card. And on 12th Feb I had a huge loss of losing my dearest watch in Satyam bus. Yesterday I bought a replacement for that one. So, Feb month was a bit rude to me.
From now on I won’t run for a bus in my lifetime!!!! The other two things are still to happen with me.