Ladki, Bus aur Train ……।It’s a famous dialogue from movie ISHQ। If you run for these 3 things you will definitely fall in some trouble। Unfortunately I came with such situation on last Friday. On last weekend POPO( My College friend ) came to Hyderabad. He wanted to do some shopping for family, so we went to Shilparaman. There at one Kurta Shop I noticed some fine kurtas. Actually, I had plans of wearing kurta on Friday in office. Each one of us ( ankesh, vinod, me) bought kurtas. On Friday me and vinod went to office in traditional attire. Actually on that day we went a bit late. On reaching Miyanpur X road. We saw bus which was about to leave for Gandi Maisamma. Usually I never run for the bus but that day I don’t know what prompted me to run. I ran for about 100-200 metres but the bus left.
Ohhh I forgot to tell you one more thing that after the 7th Jan declaration by Mr Raju I had stopped wearing ID card outside Satyam. But that day I wore it like I was wearing some diamond necklace around my neck. Coming back to the story, we took an auto to Bachupally . When I got down at Bachupally, then I came to know that my ID is not there. Only the string was hanging in it’s place. I was totally screwed. Without ID I won’t be able to get pass the main gate. I went back to Miyanpur, searched everywhere. I was expecting something out of nothing. I had no option but to goto office. I reached there, raised a request for new one and got one temporary ID (which is nothing but blank plastic card with satyam logo on one side). I am still having that card and for a new card Rs 200/- is the money that I have to give to Satyam. I am Nameless now in Satyam till I get my new ID card. And on 12th Feb I had a huge loss of losing my dearest watch in Satyam bus. Yesterday I bought a replacement for that one. So, Feb month was a bit rude to me.
From now on I won’t run for a bus in my lifetime!!!! The other two things are still to happen with me.


Tarun Goel said…
So u lost your watch, congrats!!!
And ID card as well, double congrats!!!
i guess bagga ki "aatma" ne tere andar entry maar li hai :D
Rest I'll pray for the girl phase in your life :)
abhishek gupta said…
um to wo ho...saale tumse 1 kaam theek se nahi hota...pahli baar jindgi me bus ke peeche bhage...n bus pakad paye and id bhi gum kar diya....tum sahi me wo ho...
AmitASH said…
As of now possession or no-possession of that ID card doesn't matter much, except that its our liability to let it hanging around our necks or the security guys wont let us in..What I mean is as of late the value of that Card has negated to about nil outside your office..
But its saddening to know about your lost watch..

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