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.......Convert Part-1

It's been long since i penned down my thoughts on this blog and today i have decided to break the ice. I am sure this blog-page must be feeling like a newly wed bride not Fucked/Cared for several months.
You may call it lethargy or my sluggishness that overtook me and i started ignoring Blogosphere. I have realized that with separation comes attachment later in life and that's why i am here once again. In the recent past many incidents have happened such as Anna Hazare movement- it's rise and then sudden silence probably because of rift created by congress (my perception), Sunny Leone (guess i need not explain who she is...just Google her out) stepping into Big Boss house, Sharad getting his share from he can say Saada Haq, Aithe Rakh etc etc. Apart from all these usual/casual stories (such type of news die down after 1 or 2 days), my real reason is to continue my last post.....Half_Convert!!!!
                                             Electronic Ci…