.......Convert Part-1

It's been long since i penned down my thoughts on this blog and today i have decided to break the ice. I am sure this blog-page must be feeling like a newly wed bride not Fucked/Cared for several months.
You may call it lethargy or my sluggishness that overtook me and i started ignoring Blogosphere. I have realized that with separation comes attachment later in life and that's why i am here once again. In the recent past many incidents have happened such as Anna Hazare movement- it's rise and then sudden silence probably because of rift created by congress (my perception), Sunny Leone (guess i need not explain who she is...just Google her out) stepping into Big Boss house, Sharad getting his share from Shan-e-Punjab...now he can say Saada Haq, Aithe Rakh etc etc. Apart from all these usual/casual stories (such type of news die down after 1 or 2 days), my real reason is to continue my last post.....Half_Convert!!!!
                                             Electronic City, though it gives one an impression of a city but in reality it is a village with kaccha roads where people have Absolute Zero civic sense is my residence in Bangalore. And i am proud to announce that it's the only 3-BHK independent home owned by bachelor's and now you can imagine what all sorts of fun can we do (full privacy from owner ;)). As usual one Friday we planned to booze with home-cooked chicken. As a matter of fact I went to market to buy chicken.When i reached at the butcher shop, i had to wait for 20 minutes which was quite obvious as Friday night awaited everybody. Soon after the guy interrupted me and said,"Sir it will take 15 minutes more to give you the order. If you are in a hurry, you can cut it yourself as you eat Halal". That gave me a start but soon realized the guy mistook me as a Mullah because of my full grown beard with shaved mustache.I gave him a gentle smile and laughed to myself and said,"Hello Mr Convert......"


Nishit said…
thr r many more similar incidents coming...wait n watch :)
Ankesh at Talk said…
abe ek din dargah chalte hai sath.. waha bait ke gana suna jayega :)
Nishit said…
@ankesh pakka aur mujhe "topi" bhi leni hai ;)

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