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Who is GOD!!!

I am writing this blog after a long gap. The reason is that i am screwed up for the past 12 days i use internet at home for just 1 hour and that too for just checking mails only. I wake up at 8 in the morning and come back at 8 in the night. There are only few occasions when i used to get up at 8 in the morning- in my training at Satyam, in my first year at college when we used to have our class and in my early childhood ( When i was 5 or 6 years old) as told by my parents. I woke up at 5 in the morning. Amazing!!! I wonder that i was early riser. Coming back to blog from my past schedule.
If we go across this world, we will found thousands of religions. And these thousands of religions account to millions of traditions and rules. Taking alone Hinduism, We have 33,00,00,000 Devtas alone. So, I wonder if there are so many devtas in hinduism alone then how many devtas are there in other religions. Taking there total of all religions, it would come nearly same as number of people …

Need for change!!!

Change is a word that we as a whole large community is afraid of. Change is very necessary for the civilization to prosper in the right path. What we do when winter comes? We all wear woolens and keep ourselves warm by burning fire or from heater. If we don't do this we will fall prey to the very powerful force on this planet and fall ill. This predator is Environment. This environment keeps on changing, so do we. But at the onset of every season, we feel uncomfortable as we are unable to cope up with changing environments. I am not here to tell you what to wear in what season but i am just trying to tell you that how a small change can set everything right. Actually yesterday i was reading "OSHO WORLD" in which there was one article by the master himself about "The change we believe in". In that he has made a point that only a rebellious person can bring out the change. A rebel is a person who is living with his present and is aware of his future and decides …

Two Little Angels!!!

There are a lot of hard drinks and soft drinks to choose from today. You have a unending list of companies who manufacture these products. Have you ever thought how much would one bottle of COKE costs the manufacturer. It's not more than 2 Rs but we get it at Rs 10. Why??? Because of Kareena and Aamir Khan. These companies pay these Stars from our pockets. Hey i am not getting into management, so don't get serious. I am just going to tell you a real story that happened with me when i was going back home from Begumpet to Hafeezpet. The story goes like this........As usual i was late in getting up this morning but it's not late i would call but toooooolateeeee. I woke up at 12:30. I am sure if my manager came to know that i come to office at this hour, I would be fired from Satyam. I had my lunch at office and Vinod asked me to go to Walden to buy some book. We left for Walden at 3:00 P.M and after spending 2 hours at Walden without buying any book except I got one magazine(…