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Mobile app: Smarter way to surf

“Get smarter with a smartphone- Anonymous” Today it is a rarity to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone. Smartphones have become our foster babies. Be it restaurants, Malls, Public transport or even pedestrians we see people involved in multitasking. This human invention is such a compact, handy and powerful device in your hand which powers you to browse, share and get information of almost anything on the move. You don’t need to carry your bulky laptops all the time to do some of your lite odd jobs using your smartphone. Need not to mention smartphones cannot do high end computing tasks but yes, it has eased a lot of pressure off Laptops/PCs. Moreover not everyone owns a PC or Laptop but yes they do have a smartphone. The reason is well known-‘MRP’. You own a smartphone for as low as 5000 today. Indeed Smartphone has become a fashion statement of our lives. Let us take a look at what are our smartphones are capable of today. You can book movie tickets, air tickets, check IPL s…