Mobile app: Smarter way to surf

“Get smarter with a smartphone- Anonymous”
Today it is a rarity to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone. Smartphones have become our foster babies. Be it restaurants, Malls, Public transport or even pedestrians we see people involved in multitasking. This human invention is such a compact, handy and powerful device in your hand which powers you to browse, share and get information of almost anything on the move. You don’t need to carry your bulky laptops all the time to do some of your lite odd jobs using your smartphone. Need not to mention smartphones cannot do high end computing tasks but yes, it has eased a lot of pressure off Laptops/PCs. Moreover not everyone owns a PC or Laptop but yes they do have a smartphone. The reason is well known-‘MRP’. You own a smartphone for as low as 5000 today. Indeed Smartphone has become a fashion statement of our lives.
Let us take a look at what are our smartphones are capable of today. You can book movie tickets, air tickets, check IPL scores, browse Facebook feeds, watch videos on Youtube , play games and so on. All of this can be done on the move with the assistance of available Mobile apps developed by our techie geeks. A big round of applause for our Mobile app developer  who are putting in all their efforts to give us glitch free apps.
Let us consider a real life situation. You are sitting in office pretending to be very busy in your work :) Suddenly you phone pops a message,” Wish your wife Happy Birthday”. Bang on!!! Forgetting birthday of your better half can be catastrophic. Now you don’t have the courage to wish her so late. What to do? You decide to surprise her by a gift, a nice outfit or jewelry or a beautiful watch but you don’t have time to go out and shop. You decide to order a gift online. Unfortunately your office network doesn’t allow you to open Myntra website :(. Suddenly your hand slips into your pocket and you take out your…………………………….brand new iPhone 6 :). You download Myntra app from iOS store in less than cooking time of Maggi noodles:). You access Myntra mobile app on your smartphone and order the gift for same day delivery with a click of a button. You have your moment of joy. It is that simple and I mean it :) After a few minutes of relaxation, you again sprang up from your cushioned seat with a thought,” How would a Birthday look like without a cake?  My wife would kill me for sure?”. You call your friend and he suggests you to order from #fnp. Fortunately you have a mobile app for it. Finally you are through and have saved yourself from constant nagging of your wife until her next birthday. And all of this is possible because of Mobile apps available on your smartphone.
Mobile apps on Smartphone have given us the mobility. Shopping using mobile apps you can avoid your time and energy in bargaining with shopkeepers. We have the ease to compare the product price, check reviews on multiple apps before finally buying the product. We need to think in terms of conserving energy and time and utilizing the same elsewhere in more constructive tasks. Mobile apps also gives us the ease of browsing, selecting and ordering product from comfort of our air conditioned rooms when outside temperature is soaring at 44 degrees.
Smartphones are easy to operate and you don’t require any extra coaching to learn it. Even a kid of 5 years and above can operate a smartphone effectively and even better than you. Mobile apps are the future which gives you a rich experience in shopping. Join the mobile app bandwagon today and wish you Happy Surfing :)


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