Pre-Marital Sex "Y/N"

"Tring Tring". The song from the movie Aashiqui2~ Hum tere bin reh nahi sakte reverbrated the hostel room. A cheerful Raj answers the call to hear inconsolably sobbing Simran. After a brief 2 minutes, Simran initiated the first word,"Positive". Raj was stunned to silence. He couldn't muster courage to speak up anything. How could he be so careless? Had if he spent extra 10 bucks he could have avoided the shocking revelation. The question kept hovering his mind and he maintained silence. Simran continued again. Will you marry me Raj? Marriage is the only thing which can silence the blabbering mouths of our society. I don't want to live my life as a murdererer for the rest of my life? Raj didn't speak and disconnected the call. For the next few days he shied away from taking anymore calls from her and even changed his contact number. Simran felt cheated and decides to end up her life. After graduating from college, Raj gets a job with MNC and marries a girl of his parents choice.This is just one case to talk about. Had if Raj taken extra care, such situation wouldn't have taken place. But question that needs answer,"Is it right for these two love birds to indulge in secret act for years together?" Let's understand what is Sex and the society we are living in and we will get our answer.

We have come to an age where the gender gap is coming closer and communication channel is opening up. Couple of decades ago, people would shy away from expressing love in public. There was a time when talking to a girl was considered inappropriate let alone kissing, making love or live together before marriage. In times of today, men and women are having a merry time enjoying each other's company. Talking, Kissing, Partying has become a common scene today but 'Sex' remains a taboo, even though everyone likes to do it behind the walls without anyone knowing it. Apart from cosying we have witnessed a rising trend where men and women bravely taking a bold step forward to end up losing it all before marriage. It doesn't matter to them even if they are going to end up getting married or not. All they care for is that very moment of joy and enchantment which they want to live together. But the big question before us is 'Is pre-marital sex okay?' Infact the word Sex is itself misonomer and shoudl be called 'Sexuality'. Sex is what exists in animals who don't have the mind to experience the flow of energy through their body. Sexuality is the energy which arises when two bodies come in close proximity to each other and both experience this energy with a full concious mind. I would rather like to rephrase this question to,"Are we bold enough to accept this change?"

           Few decades ago, our society considered 'Sex' as immoral if one had sex before marriage or someone has illicit relationship with xyz. Morality was synonymous to Sex in those times. Actually Sex is a joyful game where 2 souls play and exchange each other bodily energies. Why should anyone be bothered by it? But the society we are living in has imposed this thought in our mind that Sex is bad unless one is authorized to do so. By authoirized I mean legally wedded by everyone's consent. It is okay to talk to the opposite gender, kiss and make love with him/her. It should mean absolute enjoyment for both souls lest it becomes a liability or moral burden. As in the above incident, Raj and Simran went a step ahead where their energy is transformed into a third soul. Raj doesn't have the courage to accept it and convince his parents to marry Simran and thus decided to dump her. That was immoral and cannot be justified by any reasoning. It is utmost necessary to be in concious state of mind while making out love with your partner no matter the two of you are bonded legally or not.

It is not a question of Yes or No to marital Sex, it is rather a question which we should ask our fully concious mind. Are we mature enough to do the right thing? Is our act justified enough? Just be sure to enjoy the pleasure but don't end up on crossroads like Raj and Simran ended up.

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