Tuesday, December 30, 2008

एक था बगगा

एक लड़का था ऊना का, हर लड़की पर वो मरता था, हर लड़की को मस्त पुन्जाबन बोलता था। हर लड़की को वो हमारी भाभी बताता था पर बन्दा था बिंदास। मैं एक ऐसे लड़के की कहानी बताने जा रहा हूँ जो मेरे साथ कॉलेज मैं पड़ता था और अब एक ही कंपनी मैं भी है। यह बंद बड़ा ही दिलचस्प है। आप सबने गजिनी तो देख ली होगी। उसमे आमिर को शोर्ट टर्म मेमोरी लॉस की बीमारी होती है, ठीक वैसे ही बग्गे भी शोर्ट टर्म मेमोरी लॉस का शिकार है। मैं इस से द्वितीय साल मैं मिला था (कॉलेज का)। बस तभी से इससे दोस्ती हो गई क्यूंकि कुछ हद तक मेरी और इसकी केमिस्ट्री बैठ गई। इन भाई साहब की हॉबी हैं- औजारों का चीरहरण करना। बस इंसान को छोड़ कर सबका चीरहरण कर दिया है। और हाँ पीने मैं तो ये कमाल हैं, बस बोतल के ढक्कन खुलने की देर है और ये ख़ुद को ऊना का दोन समझने लगते हैं और इनका मनपसंद संवाद भी है उस टाइम पर जो ये बोलते है की मेरे......... । पीने के बाद तो बस जो डांसर जनम लेता है वो तो मिचेल जैक्सन को भी मात दे दे । पीने के बाद तो अच्छे अच्छे इनके आगे घुटने टेक देते हैं। जब हमारे ट्रेनिंग चल रहे थी तब बग्गे ने सोडा की बोलती बंद कर दी थी जो की बहुत बोलता है ।
अब आते हैं बगगा की लव life पर। जो भी लड़की इनके दिल को भा जाती है, उसे यह kehte हैं "क्या मस्त पुन्जाबन है यार "। "oye तुम्हारी भाभी है " और "भाभी माँ समान होती है "। बस इसी बात को लेकर हम बगगा जी की लेते रहता हैं। बस बगगा जी muskara कर रह जाते हैं और कर भी क्या सकते हैं । अगर ladenge तो destruction होगा। और हाँ कड़ी परिश्रम इनके niyamon के ख़िलाफ़ है। क्लास मैं late आना , देर तक सोते rahna और naseebo को कान मैं लगा लेना और उसी मैं खो जाना ऐसे हैं हमारे बगगा। यह एक philosopher भी हैं । इनके ब्लॉग को padkar कोई भी pagal हो सकता है। osho को samajhna आसन है पर इन्हे samajhna namumkin है । वैसे तो इनके बारे मैं और भी बहुत si बातें है पर सब लिखने से इनकी लग सकती है। arey मैं तो बताना ही भूल गया इनका latest प्यार- Gultan भाभी। hm सब और बगगा भी जानता है की gultan इस commited, पर बगगा को कब समझ मैं आएगा। अब तो zinda लोगों को छोड़ ये तो गाड़ी तक से प्यार करने लगा है। Swift इसका नया प्यार है, वो भी हमारी भाभी है।
bhagwaan से duya करता हूँ की बग्गे को shaanti दे और बग्गे की एक ही darling हो।

~I am sorry for some letters not being displayed in hindi. Really i tried hard at it but failed. Hope you enjoy reading~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gift to MA!!!

Day- 17th December, Occasion- My Mother's B'day.
This day comes every year but this year it's special to me which made me to write blog about how i felt yesterday. Over the years i used to wish her in the morning and then in the evening she prepared some sweets and halwa-poori. My sister would give her a present and I would also give her a B'day card. Doesn't it seems normal as in every home everyone would do the same. But this time it's a lot different as every year i was at home with her but this is the first time that i am not with her. Not even me, my sis is also not there as she is married. So i decided to do something special. I searched google for some service which delivers gifts and got one. I ordered for a bouquet of flowers and a pack of Gulab Jamuns to be delivered to her. Yesterday when i reached my flat i called up delivery centre to know my order status. He told me that the order wouldn't be delivered as there is problem of getting flowers in Jammu. I was very depressed as all my planning to surprise her had failed. He asked me to cancel the order but i don't know a voice came from my heart saying that i should wait till 18th. So i ended the call and went to have afternoon siesta. I woke up at 6 in the evening and was surfing when i got a call from Mummy. when i picked up, i guessed from her voice that she had received the gift. I can't explain the feeling that i had at that time. She was extremely happy and i can definately say that she must have cried after ending the call. She told me that now i know that you have become mature and grown up. The day ended and i had a very peaceful sleep. I wish to be her son in my next birth.
"Wish you good health and long life"- From your loving Son

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is this Satyam way!!!

It's over 5 months now in Satyam and i am happy working with this company. Why wouldn't anyone be happy when he is getting salary for just 2 hours attending at office. Actually in my training i had different notion when i passed it with great hard work and burned midnight oil*
(Joking) to crack it. Then i thought that we are getting much less for the number of hours we put up at our training centre but reality was different and i came to know about it gradually. So my observations goes like this:
We were told on our induction day by Nagraju and Commander that we have to speak in English when we are in office but i have seen our RM's in training often speaking in Tullu among themselves. Now in Our QEDGE circle i see this regularly. They say that our's is the No.1 training facility in the world to outsiders but only we ELTP's know about their training. You can pass test by studying DB's and their practicals are not that tough. If i can manag to pass then anyone can pass easily. Then in office every guy/girl while working in their cabins( actually they are also on bench) listen to songs in loudspeaker mode. And now the latest news f Satyam merging with Maytas has raised questions among investors worldwide about credibilit of Satyam's management. Actually there are a lot more things that i can discuss but as i m a current employee of Satyam i m restricted to do so. So well friends if you have anything against satyam way please do comment..............................

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Life on Credit"

Every person wants Luxuries in life. For that they choose a Bright career path. Then they gt landed up in some MNC which pays them about 3 lacs bugs. This is just the lower limit of package. There are others who get much more than this. But still evryone wants to have a new cellphone, new laptop, and other gadgets. I may be wrong with my peception in this view, so please pardon me. Actually i m not preaching anything and nor i m any big columnist like Karan thapar. I m just writing what i feel. Today morning when i was getting ready to go to office (which normally i don't want to go but i have no other option because i go there to have lunch). I took auto-rickshaw and when i reached Hi-tech city and took out my purse to pay the rickshaw waala i was shocked. I found no money in my wallet. I had only Plastic cards (includes 3 debit cards, 2 credit cards and one pan card). Thank GOD ICICI Bank ATM was nearby, so i paid off the driver. Then i realised that this situation is from last 5 months but i didn't care about that. Then i went into flashback and realised how many times i have no money and have to loo for ATM. I was shocked at statistics. Actually when we go to som mall we keep 20 bugs in our pocket thinking that will shop through card. Not only shopping but eating, dining is all dependent on card. My parents always keep telling me to keep atleast 500-700 bugs always with me. I never listened to them and would say that I HAVE DEBIT CARD.....CHILL DAD. But now i realised that they were right because i was in trouble often because of this. Not only this we shop on credit card hoping to pay it in next month but when next month comes there is no money to pay the bill and it keeps on adding interest and that too compounded. So i believe that so far these cards have made our life pretty easy but we should not wholly depend on these esp. CREDIT cards. These Look appealing to all of us but there are many negetives to it. So i would say that use your card intelligently. You will get what you want to have in near future but have patience. Thanks for reading and do comment this article...........

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

.....Company of Women!!!

Every Guy (except GAYs) wants a lady love like Anglena Jolie or Aishwarya or Monica Bellucci. But Story doesn't ends here....if he finds another women more attractive and sensous, he pounces over her like a mad DOG. I am going to tell you about my experiences with different women till now. Actually i began recognising women whom i met daily when i was in class 5th. It happened one day,i was in my class and all students were out for games. I was sitting and studying (i was very shy guy till class 6th and doesn't get along with others very well. I was studious......ahh what a joke...can i be studious....actually life changed for me when i moved to class 7th. It was a sea change for me. I learnt slangs and did all sorts of bhasdi stuff). So I got up from my chair and turned back to go out. As I turned back i collided with a girl and i fell over her. We were in that position for 30 secs but it's impact lasted for about 2 days over me. That was my first meeting. Now next day we were in our English class and we were given a topic to discuss. To my right she was sitting. I was so shy that when discussion started i was not able to speak. I was speaking well with guys but hen she spoke i was silent. I was literally shaking....GOD knows what happened. Till my First year in college i was not able to speak to girls directly on face to Face. But now i m much better.
Second encounter with a girl was furious. I was in my class 12th. I was going to my tuiton. When on my way i saw a girl, very beautiful, She was wearing skirt and tight top. I forgot about my tution and followed her. She boarded the Matador (Mini bus....we call it in Jammu) and i also boarded it. She deboarded after 15 mins. I also deboarded. Now she entered one Galli. There was no one in that galli. I thought this is best opportunity to express my feelings to her. I said," Excuse me". I told her that i like her and want to do frienship with you and blah blah....her steps got faster. I was waiting for her reply. She said nothing but i kept following her. The at one turn she moved back and called "Dimpy". I wondered who she was calling. Then my mind struck that she might calling her bro or Boyfriend. I immediately turned back and ran as if some DOG is behind me. That day by GOD's grace i was saved. From that day i decided never to follow any unknown girl...........
Coming to college there were many girls i liked including seniors and juniors. But none created a hick in me. Yes there was one i won't tell you in my blog 'coz there is some guys who knew her and will pull my leg.
I thought of writing this blog after reading Khuswant singh's book 'Company of women'. How lucky was Mohan with different women. he did everything from talking to taking them to bed. But here is me who is a Stupid guy who has fallen in love with 3 times in life but didn't dare to say just this -----I LOVE YOU. instead i fell i luv with my WINE. She is my dearest. Goodbye i will come back with more soon!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

पोस्ट ट्रेनिंग

Hi friends, i m back again with the concluding part of my previous blog. Our valedictory was scheduled on 14th of October at 4:00 PM. Before that a movie was shown to us. It was a secret and started at around 11:30 in the morning. Actually when our PM Siva told us that we will be shown a movie(secret), I promptly asked him whether the movie is a secret or it's name is "Secret". Actually i had seen a movie in my college days which named the same*. The movie begins:- Some Old man appears, his name is BOB PROCTER (Philosopher)....just like DK Bagga.....Sometimes i remain dumb struck at some of Bagga's philosophies. It's not that his Philosophies are not good but they are out of my mind. He is a very amazing guy to talk to. I will take him in my next Blog. Coming to movie, that old man keep talking about life and the cosmos and blah blah....i don't knw when the movie ended coz i was in my fantasy dreaming of me and my woh.....after that at 4 PM some big Guns of Satyam like Commander and Sriram came and talked about various things for an hour. After that Toppers were given certificate and we were given oyr training certificates. Then High Tea was served to us and bade farewell to SLC......
Next Day, Reporting at CyberGateway. We approached to T Kumar(our RCC head). He asked us to wait in a 6 by 6 cabin and 15 of us went inside. Only 4 chairs were there and u can imagine how we hv seated there. Then he came and asked about people from BITS PILANI. Actually in satyam every senior guy who visits us always has a notion that there is only one college in India and that is BITS. NITS's are not considered in any category. Then he picked some 5 students of CS branch from BITS and asked them to go to CYBERSPACE...........contd

Friday, October 10, 2008

"....Finally training is over...."

At last our training at satyam is over. Being frank, when i was in my Phase-1, i was almost sure that i won't last long here but all thanks to GOD and the *skills i learnt in college i was able to get through. I m the only one in my batch (QEDGE ELTP 900) who has got 3 LOC's. Phase-1 was a big hurdle to cross but i assure you that i was not at all frightened or nervous. I took the opportunity calmly and planned every night how to approach every test. My batchmate Rakesh (from BITS Pilani) was also in same boat. Literally speaking he was so fucking nervous or examphobic that if u have seenhim that time, you will definitely have said that he would commit suicide. But i cajoled him and cooled him to a minimum cloud. The one thing i would admit that i was unable to crack any of tha satyam's so called OLA's. Our Mentor says that "Our Tool is one of the Best". How can it be best as it is being prepared by people like us who are in bench. And we also proved it and the result of this is that we don't have any OLA's in phase-2.
Our PM Siva Karunakaram is a very interesting fellow. Potan(my batchmate) enacts him very well. Whenever we ask him any query, he has readymade answers like:- "if u have any issues raise a ticket", "i don't want to give you wrong information" and blah blah. Actually we eagerly wait for him in Zero hour. And about Rita Daniel, our secondary PM, i wouldn't say anything. "She is everything what Siva is not". So i end this part here only but please visit again somedays later in which i will be back with part-2 of this issue about Tips to get through training.....................................................................................
...............................................कहानी अभी बाकी मेरे दोस्त

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


2) एक था BAGGA
3) कैसे बना मैं TOPPER

"Dead End !!!"

Finally the D-day has arrived when Royal Bengal Tiger (King of OFFSIDE) alias Dada alias Saurav has decided to call it a day off from Test cricket. I think he has done right on his part as it was getting too frustrated for him. The BCCI was always playing by his sentiments by keeping him in and out whenever they wish( ***they were playing hide and seek with him***). Actually root cause of the crisis was arrival of *Hawai chappal* from Austrailia. He used what British had done years back- "phut daalo".
I m a great fan of Dada. I was inspired by him and began taking interest in cricket as a Left hander. Dada has great enthusiasm to win. He becomes aggresive at crucial times which is the reasn why he had to pay penalty at most of the times. He has a good track record both as a captain and as a all-rounder. When Dada took charge as a captain, the indian team which was known as just 'Indian team' came to be known as 'TEAM INDIA'. He started the tradition of celebrating wickets of opposition in a Football match style.
Being a great player, i do believe that he has certain shortcomings. He was a slow runner for his entire career. When he was playing the last ball of over, he would ask the non-striker to run which has irritated a lot of players. Every player has his own shortcomings and virtues. So i would llike to thanks him for all the matches TEAM INDIA has won under him and for leading Team India when it needed a good captain

'All the best for your future and hope we will see some fire-crackers during your last test series"

Monday, September 29, 2008

"ICICI Drama "

hi i m going to talk abt a incident which happened on monday night i.e 29th SEP 2008. Yes the day of getting our salary. Initially it was a heart failure for all who listened to that. All people were seen running towards ICICI ATM to withdraw all their money they had. My friends and i was standing outside reception having an after lunch PUFF when we overheard someone saying that he has invested some huge bugs in ICICI pudential and he was sweating and looked as if he was about to faint. Then we wsked someone wht was all the FUSS abt and came to knw that ICICI bank goes bankcrupt and it has lost 60 million dollar. We went to TV room to watch news abt that incident to confirm the news as our money is also in the same bank. But there was no such news. Then a sweet Voice came frm behind...."Please switch to TV9". I was fixed at her but Telugu voice felt in my Ear and i was disturbed. TV9 was a entertainment channel. We all lughed at the stupidity of the sweet :) girl and she blushed and went from there and thus we were assured that it was a RUMOUR. Then our friend Tarun who was out in the HYD city told us the exact news which seemed smwht authentic. I don't knw whether it was the exact news but it was believable. The news was "due to quarter closure, ICICI bank will close it's operations for 2 days. So if u want money in emergency u can withdraw it now but people formatted it in their own way." I think don't need to write abt my motive. I consider my readers intelligent enough to understand themselves. ARE YOU NOT?????

I m waiting for your feedback. Please ad sm input................thanks

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome Message!!!

Hi Friends, this is Nishit Sharma for u and i have opened this blog to share each and every topic that you hear or read everyday...youu are most welcome to give ur opinion and solutions but u should obey my 3(GOLDEN RULES) rules as:
1) Do not post vulgar answers as this is pubic blog.
2) Please be serious while discussing serious matters.
3) If u don't follow above rules u will be checked under IT act of India.

So, i hope to get a good response fron you all.....................