"Dead End !!!"

Finally the D-day has arrived when Royal Bengal Tiger (King of OFFSIDE) alias Dada alias Saurav has decided to call it a day off from Test cricket. I think he has done right on his part as it was getting too frustrated for him. The BCCI was always playing by his sentiments by keeping him in and out whenever they wish( ***they were playing hide and seek with him***). Actually root cause of the crisis was arrival of *Hawai chappal* from Austrailia. He used what British had done years back- "phut daalo".
I m a great fan of Dada. I was inspired by him and began taking interest in cricket as a Left hander. Dada has great enthusiasm to win. He becomes aggresive at crucial times which is the reasn why he had to pay penalty at most of the times. He has a good track record both as a captain and as a all-rounder. When Dada took charge as a captain, the indian team which was known as just 'Indian team' came to be known as 'TEAM INDIA'. He started the tradition of celebrating wickets of opposition in a Football match style.
Being a great player, i do believe that he has certain shortcomings. He was a slow runner for his entire career. When he was playing the last ball of over, he would ask the non-striker to run which has irritated a lot of players. Every player has his own shortcomings and virtues. So i would llike to thanks him for all the matches TEAM INDIA has won under him and for leading Team India when it needed a good captain

'All the best for your future and hope we will see some fire-crackers during your last test series"


Ankesh at Talk said…
Hey buddy its seems ur big fan of "DADA"..personally dude i didnt like dada at all for some personal reason..But we should respect him, becoz he is person who taught us attitude of not undermining our selfrespect..i really admire him wat he did at d lords gallry. He taught us how beat Australia in their own trade of sledging...
But it is really sad to see d farewell is geting at d end of his career.. We need to learn to respect our Legend...

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