Monday, February 16, 2009

"मेरी कहानी"

सुनलो सुनाता हूँ अपनी कहानी

सत्यम से शुरू होती है कहानी

ट्रेनिंग मैं की खूब की मस्ती

ओला मैं आ गई सुस्ती

एक भी ओला न हुआ पास

मिले तीन LOC ख़ास

spotlight मैं किया ड्रामा और नाच

रात को मिले हम पाँच

बस शराब का सहारा है

सुट्टे ने भी हमें किया मतवाला है

हाँ रब से ये दुया की

मेरे हाथ मैं भी दे दे एक प्रेम की डोरी

करूँ मैं जिससे सीना जोरी

२ महीने के bench का खूब लिया मज़ा

अब प्रोजेक्ट आ gale पड़ा

याद आते हैं दोस्त बहुत

लेकिन रहते हैं दूर बहुत दूर

khatam करता हूँ यहाँ मैं kahani

jiyo जी bhar रखना हमेशा याद

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who will be my Valentine???

14th Feb is here again!!! Everyone is seen flocking Archies gallery buying Gifts and Cards for their beloved ones. But for me this just another day like other days. Thank GOD this Valentine is falling on Saturday....WEEKEND. The only thing i can do is what i did this Friday :). In our training time, i had no problem in finding people for Sharaab. Be it Soda, Anzal, Bagga and hardcore alcoholic (Nair), they were always ready to assemble in Soda's room but now thongs are not the same. I don't go out on 14th feb as the scene of couples sitting in Pubs or Restaurants holding their hands make my heart go fuming. I wish i could have atleast one but i have made my reputation worse among girls in my college. Now i repent on my foolishness, what have i done. If i go out with my male friends out on 14th Feb, then people might think of us as *Dostana guys. But this year my Dear friends( to all lucky ones) please be safe because saffron brigade will be going on rounds and i can't see you both being harrassed by them. Sometimes i think that are these people doing right? I believe that the answer to this question is somewhat 50-50. Actually because of some devils among us this day is figured in a wrong way. I was reading an article in Times of India this sunday and Sena chief Muthalik said that they have proof of 38 girls raped in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata last year on this day. No doubt he might be right. But because of certain sect of people they can't suspect everyone to be like them. Sena promotes the slogan "TIE or DIE". I liked this very much because if you love someone then you must marry her and promise to live with her till death. I don't support flirting and this may be the reason i don't have a girlfriend because i don't have guts to go against my parent's wishes. So, i wish you all have a good time with ur beloved and don't goto to places where moral brigade will be patrolling. Chalo bbye and do tell me about your good time after 14th Feb. And about me.....hahahaha.....Main meri Botal aur tanhai........