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Pre-Marital Sex "Y/N"

"Tring Tring". The song from the movie Aashiqui2~ Hum tere bin reh nahi sakte reverbrated the hostel room. A cheerful Raj answers the call to hear inconsolably sobbing Simran. After a brief 2 minutes, Simran initiated the first word,"Positive". Raj was stunned to silence. He couldn't muster courage to speak up anything. How could he be so careless? Had if he spent extra 10 bucks he could have avoided the shocking revelation. The question kept hovering his mind and he maintained silence. Simran continued again. Will you marry me Raj? Marriage is the only thing which can silence the blabbering mouths of our society. I don't want to live my life as a murdererer for the rest of my life? Raj didn't speak and disconnected the call. For the next few days he shied away from taking anymore calls from her and even changed his contact number. Simran felt cheated and decides to end up her life. After graduating from college, Raj gets a job with MNC and marries a gi…