Chronicles of Monday


The joy of weekend among many professionals working 24*5 in MNC has led to the genesis of TGIF concept. One would normally find people leaving office early on Friday evening on one pretext or the other and fixing up party venue with their near and dear. One sees a heavy rush at liquor shops and even in bars and if you are unfortunate you may have to shell out extra bucks to get the choice of brand you prefer- stock finishes up much faster on weekend. For the married folks, Friday night is the only time when they can gulp few beers, relax and live life in their own way lest they have the task to take their wife and children out for shopping and purchasing of daily राशन -पानी over the weekend. And then comes the special appearance- The Big Sunday (रविवार) is a day to rest at home and prepare your mind for the monstrous Monday. The mere thought of Monday suffocates a working person to trauma. For most people Monday is like getting ready for a battle. I have been living in Delhi for the last 10 months and I have observed a choking traffic on every Monday than other days. It seems most people bunk office after Monday. If I were given the power, I would delete Monday from my life. Again it makes no sense as deleting Monday will expose Tuesday as the next day after Sunday. Anyway Monday seems no less than a monster to me. It is the longest day of the week with lots and lots of meetings. It is also true that I have a glance at my watch more number of times than any other days of the week. On the other side of the story I truly sympathize with women who are home managers. At least we professionals or working class have a reason to celebrate weekend but housewives who works 24*7 are not allowed a single day off. For them there is no weekend or Monday. We should think of them and give them at least a day off from their routine duties and serve them self cooked food or take them out for movie and outing. For mothers of school going kids have a tough time to wake them on Monday. I have also observed that when we are happy and enjoying the moment, time flies very fast. On the contrary when we are sad, life just slogs like a tortoise. Same thing happens with Monday. I remember one incident when I had to ask leave for a week from my manager and my Team lead advised me not to meet my manager on Monday as he always had a bad mood on Monday. I went on Tuesday and got my leave confirmed. Monday, thus is a day when employees are low on motivation and as the week approaches Friday, they get a fresh life in them. Hence, it is this reason that organizations keep Thursday as the day to start any new project or asking a new recruit to join them.

I am listing a few funny and humorous messages of one-liners we usually get on whatsapp on every Sunday night. 


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Sharmila Rao said…
enjoyed your Auntie Acid and the write up over all, though I would have probably tried to put the pictures through the writing.
Nishit said…
Thank You for your wonderful comments.

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