Sunday, June 5, 2016

The seat beside her was empty…

Travelling so much fun and the enjoyment is dwindled when you travel in any of the public transport. I have been using  public transport services from past 16 years and whenever  I am travelling alone, I had always desire my co-passenger to be a young beautiful lady. But life has been so cruel to me. 

Until recently I have decided to dump the famous line by SRK,"जिस चीज़ को जितना चाहो ,पुरी क़ायनात लग जाती है उसे पाने के लिए" when the fateful day happened which changed my life forever. It was onset of winter in early November when I was on vacation and travelling to Jammu from Bangalore. I was excited to celebrate Diwali with my parents after 3 long years. I planned my travel in short term and thus I had no other option but to travel by train. Unfortunately I didn't get a confirmed ticket and had to travel on RAC ticket from SBC to NDLS in 3-tier coach of Rajdhani express. I was determined to go and one good thing was that I had got atleast half the seat. I only prayed to God to send some lady as my sharing partner- कम से कम सफ़र में मुझे Suffer नहीं करना पड़ेगा . Yes, I was being selfish :)

As a practice, IRCTC doesn't allot RAC seat to persons of opposite gender but as a luck by chance I was lucky to find a young lady in her late 20s already occupying the berth. WoW! Thank God.  I checked the berth no and placed my luggage beneath  the berth and greeted the lady,"Hello maam". With a great effort I politely asked her to make some space for me to sit. In fact I wanted her to rest her legs on me (I was being courteous as my long desire was fulfilled).  By her accent and skin texture, I was 100% sure, she was from Delhi. She has untied her long curly black hair and a small strand of her hair was disturbing her left eye and she was using her left hand to place it behind her ear. But the stubborn hair kept falling again and again. She was wearing a sleeveless kurti and a off white legging. She was looking damn beautiful and it became difficult to move my eyes away from her and everytime I saw her, I started  loving her even more. After our dinner, it was past 10'o clock and she started yawning. I started the conversation and told her to sleep comfortably and I just need some space to sit. Reality was that I just wanted to observe her forever.  खूबसूरत है जो इतना सहा नहींजाता , the song kept reverberating in my mind. She shook me out of my reverie and said,"We can sleep on same berth."

I said to myself,"If she doesn't have any problem, then why should I worry.

After all she is a Delhi girl and Delhi girls are too extrovert and flirtatious". We spread our bed-sheet and slept on the same berth under the same blanket. After sometime she was snoring loudly and I was not getting any sleep as I was just on the edge of the berth and any moment I could fall. I pushed myself a little and moved my leg over her and hugged her with my right arm. I hugged him so tightly that I could feel her chest and my virgin organ was touching her ass. She didn't wake up and started moaning. Suddenly she turned around and started kissing  me. I reached my climax and was about to burst. Suddenly I came back to my senses to see me all drenched in sweat and breathing heavily in the chill of 3-tier AC compartment.

The lady was staring at me with a question in her mind and she asked,"Are you okay?"
I said," Yes but I need some fresh air and I went outside, opened the door to let the air brush my hair and face".

I came back and told her to sleep until 03:00 AM when I will take my turn to sleep. This way we took turns sleeping and passed the night. The whole episode of my dreams  was in my mind and I couldn't make eye contact with her as I was feeling guilty. The next night also we did the same and early morning we reached New Delhi station. I picked my luggage and said 'Goodbye' to the lady of my fantasy world and left the station as quickly as I can.
I realized that in the journey of 35 hours we didn't even introduced ourselves and I just committed a heinous crime of fantasizing with her. I asked for forgiveness from God and wished not to ask for a lady co-passenger again in future.

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