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P Revolution

Erotica, sexual fantasies have become modern toys for teenagers today. And interesting thing is that you get these toys for free.Access to P videos, Pics is unlimited and within your easy reach at the touch of a button.You must have an internet connection at home and know how to delete history. The maturity of youth has been retraced back to 5 years.When i was in class 8th i wasn't aware of computer at all. Leave alone me, cyber cafe's were a rare thing in the past. Now even a 5th standard boyknows all about SEX and surfing Porn sites. Access to web has increased dramatically since. Someone has very rightly abbreviated PORN as"Pornographic obsession necessary for development of youth". First time i saw a BF when i was in class 10th but this episode surprised me a lot.I went to cyber cafe here to check mails when i didn't have internet at home. In my next cabin there were two boys sitting and secretly laughing. I feltannoyed and disturbed by this and asked them to…

अज्ञातवास (Exile)

If you remember the time when pandavas were asked go into exile for one year for losing to Kaurava's in a game of gamble।Same is the case with me when on 10th June I was told by my so called annadatta to go on VPP for 6 months at meagre basic pay।Many of us were shocked and started crying like a baby as if some natural calamity has struck and they have lost evrything।Though i have sympathy with the uncle and aunties who have more than 7 or 8 years of experience। But they don't have to worry as market demand for such people is enormous and demand for people like us who have less than one year of experience is very rare. So it's good time to do MBA or look for some odd(to others) jobs like NGOor career counselling or event management etc. After getting my LETTER of ACCEPTANCE for VPP i don't know what happened to me. I felt excited, overjoyed and felt butterflies in my stomach. We had 9 days to accept the proposal but i accepted it right away and asked my friends to have…