Sunday, July 26, 2009

P Revolution

Erotica, sexual fantasies have become modern toys for teenagers today. And interesting thing is that you get these toys for free.Access to P videos, Pics is unlimited and within your easy reach at the touch of a button.You must have an internet connection at home and know how to delete history. The maturity of youth has been retraced back to 5 years.When i was in class 8th i wasn't aware of computer at all. Leave alone me, cyber cafe's were a rare thing in the past. Now even a 5th standard boyknows all about SEX and surfing Porn sites. Access to web has increased dramatically since. Someone has very rightly abbreviated PORN as"Pornographic obsession necessary for development of youth". First time i saw a BF when i was in class 10th but this episode surprised me a lot.I went to cyber cafe here to check mails when i didn't have internet at home. In my next cabin there were two boys sitting and secretly laughing. I feltannoyed and disturbed by this and asked them to keep quiet but they continued like that. When i finished my work and came out, i sneaked into their cabin to scold them, what i saw was shocking. The boys had opened some XXX site and the boys were not more than 10 years of age. I was hell shocked and didn't said anything to them and paid the bill and left. LAter that day i thought whether i have made any mistake by not telling them that hat they are doing is a crime. I came to this conclusion:
Lack of sex education: parents don't educate them. So they move out to know about it all. They have the urge to know how it happens??? Every human being feels some sex energy when he reaches a certain age. So if it is not subsided, it takes other ways like this one. When young boys see such stuff they get excited and the energy in them goes increasing and they imagine every women to be in be with them. So, negetive thoughtsstart building which hampers growth of positive thoughts which finally leads to zero career growth. So, i felt i made a mistake and should have counselled the guys as well as talked with their parents ideally ;) but that's impossible on my part as i don't have guts to do that. I you have then you can have a try. I welcome your own opinions in this regard. Till then happy surfing and inculcate healthy habits. Stay happy always!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

अज्ञातवास (Exile)

If you remember the time when pandavas were asked go into exile for one year for losing to Kaurava's in a game of gamble।Same is the case with me when on 10th June I was told by my so called annadatta to go on VPP for 6 months at meagre basic pay।Many of us were shocked and started crying like a baby as if some natural calamity has struck and they have lost evrything।Though i have sympathy with the uncle and aunties who have more than 7 or 8 years of experience। But they don't have to worry as market demand for such people is enormous and demand for people like us who have less than one year of experience is very rare. So it's good time to do MBA or look for some odd(to others) jobs like NGOor career counselling or event management etc. After getting my LETTER of ACCEPTANCE for VPP i don't know what happened to me. I felt excited, overjoyed and felt butterflies in my stomach. We had 9 days to accept the proposal but i accepted it right away and asked my friends to have a D-Party tonight to celebrate VPP. The most amazing thing of that day was that there was a WWEBINAR by some Kutty, Putty or some fucking bastard addressing all satyamites about launch of VPP. He was a ark skinned typical GULTI with huge moustacheand addressed with this- "You are found eligible for this program......". What man?? What is he trying to make out?? I this a thing of pride. I want to ask himif he was sent to VPP, should he say the same words for himself also?? Never!!! So, we celebrated the event and the next day i made up my mind of leaving hyderabad and go home as i was somewhat feeling homesickand their were other reasons too. How i managed to stay in Satyam for 11 months and passed my training is a commendable effort from me. But now i realised after 11 months that i am not made for ITas i don't like .NET or C or C++ neither i make out the logic to write a program. Secondly, the day i was kicked out of the project i wasn't dooing anything valuablelike neither i was studying nor making any effort to find new jobs like Vinod who was fighting with all spirit to find one.

Finally on 30th June i was in S-8 of DAKSHIN EXPRESS to NEW DELHI. I was sad of not being able to celebrate my anniversary of completing 1 year at Satyam. 26 hours of journey was like travelling in hell for me and i swear to GOD i won't travel in Sleeper class especially during monsoon season. Their were small insects flying all over us and the heat and humidity was unbearable and i was sleeping with my head to toe covered with my LUNGI. U won't imagine i slept half naked in that night. Someone has said if you want to explore real India you must travel in Sleeper Class and that i felt to be true during my journey. Their was a Sardarji family sitting in front of me. I felt that now sardar is here then koi tension nahin, time paas ho jaayega. But Sardarji's son was shy to talk to and as far as i remember he hardly talked during whole journey( Sardar's are not like that or are they???).Actaully it's not their fault as they were from Alwar( CHOM Sardar). Now Dinner time!!!I was hell shocked to see diet of sardar and sardarni. They ate 6 chapati each and that too the size of a large Pizza. After that they had bananas and sweet. They were travelling with their whole kitchen with them. They had a huge water cooler(Capacity 20l).Their were two small cute little sisters from Haryana. The small one was sharo, witty and talkative. I enjoyed their company and had a goo time. Finally the train reached New Delhi at 6:00 A.M in the morning.

Sunrise is a very pleasant experience. I felt a great energy that morning as my life is going to take a new turn like this one.So i reached Dwarka within an hour's drive from Hazrat Nizzamuddin. Ohhh i forgot to tell about my latest look. I had long beard( 70 days without shave) and beads mala in my right hand and looked like someone coming from training camp in Pakistan. Everybody was hell shocked at my appearance. My Dad came to know about my beard and &*(&)!@#$%$$^^%^.Next day i became chikna launda once again. I spent 10 days in Delhi and again moved on to Jammu (My Home, My heaven). As some rightly has said Your home is your heaven.Just as i stepped in, i said in silence,"what the fuck?". It was hell hot and humid. I wondered how people survived in this condition. Their were no rains till 8th Julywhen compared to last time at this time rivers were flooded with rain water. But where there is a will, there is a way. Thank GOD my dad had installed A.C this year, so i felt the chill of Shimla o Kashmir. i have sen many changes here in the past three months as cell phone operators have increased to 6 and polythene is banned here. Power situation is much better now (people have become sensible about paying bills or PDD has become strict).

I travelled for few days to kashmir, had darshan at MATA VAISHNO DEVI JI and roamed, roamed and enjoyed. Now i have settled at home with my books around me and my Tata Photon Plus. Right now i am planning to do MBA and preparing for it and also i am hoping to do some work for social cause and have applied for that i 2 NGO's. I am Still in search of my destiny???