Friday, January 28, 2011


Man and Women are God's best creation in terms of beauty and anatomy. Many adolescents think that life is all about finding right Bolt for your Nut/screw but trust me if you go by that way you will feel dejected after few years of joy-ride and then you be out in the street with your bait to catch skimpy meals outside. In this post i will be discussing what people look out for in women and how i am different from them.
                                              I was happy being single till 25 but now i feel alienated. Sometimes i am doubtful about my orientation but i feel some breath when i pass a girl and my testosterone becomes active. When men approach a women the order they follow is Bust, Butt and lastly face (this is how we identify we are approaching a women). In present scenario nobody likes TFT or flatron. The point is that men mostly care about is Protuberance. O I am sorry!!! I am not talking about all men are same but few are like me too. If you ask me what i like in women is their 'FEET'. Strange na!!! But that's true. Whenever i see/meet a women i look at her feet first and then her face and rest comes later. Unhygienic, uncared feet are a Turn Off to me. Feet should be properly pedicured with some sober nail-polish on the nails and a comfortable Stiletto beneath the feet. Feet signifies a lot about the character. Well-maintained feet are an assurance that she is aware of her body and takes good care. I am pretty sure if you go by what i feel you are bound to get spellbound (emotional attachment is a different perspective) by that woman. Like feet Elbow joint is the other place which you should look for. Lastly i would recommend all women and men too to take good care of your body as it's your own and not rented.
Quote: When the body is clean and कोमल  love-making will be awesome.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


'HAPPY LOHRI' to all of you!!! It's been long i decided to post something on my blog but i couldn't motivate my inner self to get down to the task. Today, as usual i am in office and as have no work for me decided to Express Myself. Many events have happened in my life since i updated my blog wich i don't remember when. Last Sunday i attended #Indiblogger Meet at ISKCON Bengaluru. First time i attended at #Fortune Park, JP Celestial Bengaluru. Any mass gathering is good as we meet and get networked with lots of new people, share ideas and for those who still have relationship status in their #FB profile as single might get some lady luck :D, so far i am devoid of that. One such guy whom i met is Raghav Satish. He calls himself 'Legally Blind'. He wasn't congenially blind but in his early childhood he suffered from some disease. He didn't let his blindness be his weakness. He appeared in 13 interviews for different IT companies and got rejected everywhere except IBM. Currently he is working on various softwares to help disabled know about their ability. He is going to Mumbai to attend Click Asia Summit as a speaker. He is one such guy who stood out from the crowd and their were others too but the list would be unending.

                     Last year i spent winters at my hometown but this year i missed all the ice freezing climatic conditions. Winters this time is far more harsh than last year probably it's the effect of 'Global Warming. Without icy winter background theme and with no family around there is no motivation to celebrate 'Lohri', festival celebrated in northern India during winters. This year i decided to do it in style in Banglore. I googled about who are all organizing Lohri event in Bengaluru. There were 2 places in all who had posted details about Lohri celebration on night of 13th Jan. I called them up and i was surprised to know that they had no plans and apologized for posting wrong info on web. Till 6:00 PM on 13th i found no option as to where we'll celebrate Lohri. Be it Luck or there is one famous dialogue from bollywood movie that If u desire something deeply from the core of your heart, the whole creation works for you to get it (किसी चीज़ को अगर शिद्दत से पाने की कोशिश करो तो पूरी कायनात लग जाती है उसे पाने के लिए). So we were there at Holiday Village Resort, Kanakpura road, Bengaluru by 9:00 PM with a delay of 20 min as we went in the wrong direction (Totally my fault as i interpret Google map wrongly but thanks to Just dial we didn't get too far). It was full of masti, fun, enjoy with people dancing under 'Booze effect' on Punjabi songs around the bonfire. After party got over at 12 midnight on reaching room we again started boozing  and drank till 4:30 in the morning. I slept for 1 hour only to be there in some working condition at office. Next day was like hell for  me and my roommate with dizzy head, sleep but no sleep, no appetite for food. It took us full one day to recover from 13th hangover. With this i sign off for now to return with another post soon. Till then enjoy life and always be happy :).