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Man and Women are God's best creation in terms of beauty and anatomy. Many adolescents think that life is all about finding right Bolt for your Nut/screw but trust me if you go by that way you will feel dejected after few years of joy-ride and then you be out in the street with your bait to catch skimpy meals outside. In this post i will be discussing what people look out for in women and how i am different from them.
                                              I was happy being single till 25 but now i feel alienated. Sometimes i am doubtful about my orientation but i feel some breath when i pass a girl and my testosterone becomes active. When men approach a women the order they follow is Bust, Butt and lastly face (this is how we identify we are approaching a women). In present scenario nobody likes TFT or flatron. The point is that men mostly care about is Protuberance. O I am sorry!!! I am not talking about all men are same but few are like me too. If you ask me what i like …


'HAPPY LOHRI' to all of you!!! It's been long i decided to post something on my blog but i couldn't motivate my inner self to get down to the task. Today, as usual i am in office and as have no work for me decided to Express Myself. Many events have happened in my life since i updated my blog wich i don't remember when. Last Sunday i attended #Indiblogger Meet at ISKCON Bengaluru. First time i attended at #Fortune Park, JP Celestial Bengaluru. Any mass gathering is good as we meet and get networked with lots of new people, share ideas and for those who still have relationship status in their #FB profile as single might get some lady luck :D, so far i am devoid of that. One such guy whom i met is Raghav Satish. He calls himself 'Legally Blind'. He wasn't congenially blind but in his early childhood he suffered from some disease. He didn't let his blindness be his weakness. He appeared in 13 interviews for different IT companies and got rejected every…