Dreams of Fire!!!

What is a Dream? For me Dream is a world of your own thoughts that is built in your mind whether conciously or unconciously. Dreams can give you joy, happiness while it can haunt you sometimes. You not only dream during sleep but during day also and dreaming during day is called DAY-DREAMING. I am a victim of day dreaming since the day i become aware of my surroundings. And today i will share some of my day dreaming experiences both horrible and joyful. When i was studying in my lower classes(class 6th and above as far as i remember) i used to get lost in the world of my own. I was a very very shy guy during my school and a bit of( or i must say a lot of) chutiya type guy. I was innocent and very moderate thinking village guy. I used to talk less in class and was always deeply engrossed into my thoughts in the class. Once my teacher asked me to read and i stood up with a blank face as i was not attentive as usual. I used to think about going back home early as i don't like studying at school. I must admit i was and am a total homesick. Then used to imagine myself doing all the questions on board and imagining myself as the topper of school. With the influence of internet my thoughts grew somewhat vulgar. I am sorry to say this but i began imagining my teachers, girls of my class. Now at times i am so engrossed in my dreams that i have fumbled couple of times. In my class 12th i was going for tution and i forgot to deboard at my destination and reached the last stop. At other times i forgot to collect return money from shopkeepers. Recently i went to bank to deposit some money when i found that i had miscalculated Rs 500*50 as Rs 50000 and the teller brought my mistake to notice. There are lots and lots of accidents happening with me everyday.
Being shy i neither have any GF or any girl friend. During my college also i rarely talked with girls and prefer to sstay away from them. Out of all girls i don't know the reason why it is so??? I am not able to forget Megna. She visits my dreams very frequently till now and i get excited when someone mentions her name or talks about her. Don't take it otherwise because it not what all of you are thinking. She reminds me of Perizaad Zorabian. I think it's enough now and i must change the course of blog :P
Apart from Day-Dreaming i have another unique problem of SELF-TALK. I talk to my own self whenever alone and that too loudly. You may think that i am mad or insane but i think my best friend is my own self. Talking to myself makes me feel light and take any burden off from me at times. Before i sign off for now i have a special story for you........
There is an unending tussle going on between tarun and bsnl for last two or more months. He's got broadband connection after tough fight with BSNL officials but now his connection isn't working. Don't worry Tarun, let me become JTO i will give you renumeration of 5 years of free usage. :P. May GOD give Tarun all strength and power to win this battle over BSNL........


Tarun Goel said…
tharak ke devta
ek to tu waise hi shy tha, doosra mila tujhe bagga, ho liya love
isse badhiya gupte ka saath rakhta to kam se kam 5-19 ladkiyon ko fone to karta :)
gudgaon aur jaipur waali bhi gayi tere haath se gupte ke chakkaron mein :D
Tarun Goel said…
and as far as broadband is concerned, it is not BSNL, not even me, it is Murphy's Law, google it if you don't know it :)
Chhaya said…
Hey.. thanks for dropping by at my blog..

i am not much into day-dreaming.. perhaps thats why all my imagination takes shape of poems/stories.. but i do a lot of self-talk..its like a therapy
Uncommon Sense said…
hey its something that i can relate to,, i too didnt hv a gf and i was same as you during my school and later life..

you can check out about that here http://adayinthelifeofindia.blogspot.com/2009/06/never-been-loved.html
abhishek gupta said…
i wanna say a lot ..so here it is

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