Sunday, December 25, 2011

.......Convert (अगला भाग)

Many times I wonder why people around you especially women/ladies look at guys with huge beard with different perspective as if the guy is a Goon/Casanova/Anti-Social Element. For them I have only one
thing to say,"Bugger|Burger Off...." with a few exceptions. I am helpless before my parents when they ask me to shave off my 'Artistically Nurtured Beard' with utmost care. Well working in IT sector, you are required to be well groomed but I damn care. You may call me sluggish but i do like to keep beard of different styles. And because of this beard, I have many incidents to share with you all. I had managed to get an Auto-Rickshaw for a much lower price if the Auto-wallah happens to be a Muslim.
                                  Once I was traveling in AP Express from Hyderabad to New Delhi when the passenger sitting opposite to me asked me,"Babaji would you mind if we have Non-Veg before you". I have never been upset with incidents involving me and my beard. In fact I feel happy when people pass a compliment/comment on my beard.

P.S. "Beard is my identity and I will never lose it". Surprisingly my Technical Father (Immediate Senior in College) holds uncannily similarity with me in terms of  Beard. With this I rest my case...........

Thursday, November 24, 2011

.......Convert Part-1

It's been long since i penned down my thoughts on this blog and today i have decided to break the ice. I am sure this blog-page must be feeling like a newly wed bride not Fucked/Cared for several months.
You may call it lethargy or my sluggishness that overtook me and i started ignoring Blogosphere. I have realized that with separation comes attachment later in life and that's why i am here once again. In the recent past many incidents have happened such as Anna Hazare movement- it's rise and then sudden silence probably because of rift created by congress (my perception), Sunny Leone (guess i need not explain who she is...just Google her out) stepping into Big Boss house, Sharad getting his share from he can say Saada Haq, Aithe Rakh etc etc. Apart from all these usual/casual stories (such type of news die down after 1 or 2 days), my real reason is to continue my last post.....Half_Convert!!!!
                                             Electronic City, though it gives one an impression of a city but in reality it is a village with kaccha roads where people have Absolute Zero civic sense is my residence in Bangalore. And i am proud to announce that it's the only 3-BHK independent home owned by bachelor's and now you can imagine what all sorts of fun can we do (full privacy from owner ;)). As usual one Friday we planned to booze with home-cooked chicken. As a matter of fact I went to market to buy chicken.When i reached at the butcher shop, i had to wait for 20 minutes which was quite obvious as Friday night awaited everybody. Soon after the guy interrupted me and said,"Sir it will take 15 minutes more to give you the order. If you are in a hurry, you can cut it yourself as you eat Halal". That gave me a start but soon realized the guy mistook me as a Mullah because of my full grown beard with shaved mustache.I gave him a gentle smile and laughed to myself and said,"Hello Mr Convert......"

Monday, May 23, 2011


Osama shot dead by US navy Seals- a huge sigh of relief for US administration and ofcourse to all those who lost their beloved in twin-tower attack. It took almost a decade and billions of US dollars for US defense, considered to be equipped with latest technology to hunt down Osama. It all started wit Mr Bush but ended it well by Mr Obama- Congratulations sir. But have we ever thought what implications it left on the two countries- US of course which was directly involved and India ('coz PAK resorted to playing it's age old blame game as they have no guts to say anything to US). Why Pasha warned India if we are planning to takeout any US like attack in future, then they too have identified Indian targets and are ready. Mr Pasha first you check your radar monitoring system else in future you will be reduced to rubble in next 40 minutes. Secondly, US had to go through it's worst phase of economic slowdown. Seeing US getting desperate to hunt down Osama for a decade make me or you which i assume to doubt it's intelligence. Rodents, mosquitoes, flies are around us but what will people call me if i spend around 50K to clear only one of them out- crazy jerk, isn't it. Just like that Osama is just one kind of rodent. US foolishly had spent so much amount of currency on killing of one man and feeling poud of themselves but i feel Osama was foresighted person. After successful accomplishment of 9/11 Osama knew US will someday hunt him down so how ould you expect him not to have planned his death beforehand.Even his last hideout in Abbottabad is built like a fortress. No internet, no connectivity to outside world but still he would get regular updates and send messages. How??? May be ISI orsome black sheeps in PAK administration. whomsoever it will be a mystery unsolved. Recently in one article US said Osama used to download emails to a Pen-drive and read it offline. This way he averted the risk of being traked. I couldn't understand the principle behind this but i am sure that must be a foolproof technique. i feel Objective of Osama was not bad but his methods were wrong but one thing one can't deny that Osama had a calculative mind. Huge collection of porn was found in Osama's computer- read one website of popular news publication. It's very bad to intrude into someone's personal life. To make all his wives satisfy with his love he had to take Viagra pills, nothing wrong in this.
With Osama no more among us let's pray his soul rests in peace and pray to God to give some wisdom to his followers to stop bloodshed else they too will meet the same end.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slow Poison

One hot afternoon i was lying in my bed missing the company of electricity for which i want to thank Electricity Department from deep core of my heart (actually abuse). I was all drenched and getting dehydrated over and over again. I shouted at my servant,"Ramu, bring me a glass of ice-chilled water". Within 2 minutes he came rushing with a glass of water. I didn't ask him from where he managed ice. I gulped down the glass in single shot. That glass of water was like kuber ka khazana for me at that moment. i felt asleep but moments after that i woke up with a start. I had red rashes all over my body and was feeling chronic pain in my abdomen. I was writhing in pain. Suddenly everything went black and all i could hear was big monstrous sound of someone falling on ground. And i woke up from my bed screaming. Thank God it's just a dream, i gasped for some fresh air.
                                                                Next day i consulted my doctor and asked him can such symptoms occur from plain water. He said," Yes my son, it can". I was totally unaware of what he told me. There is a prescribed quantity of Chlorine (0.02 mg/l) that is harmless (i won't say good) but if it's value goes above that threshold it becomes slow poison. Chlorine is essential for treatment of E.Coli present in water but one must know how much Cl is needed. Chlorinated water is the reason why swimmers take bath after swimming. If chlorine in pool is more than prescribed quantity one will get rashes or itching in his skin. It doesn't mean that you will stop swimming from now on.
                                                                Visit some reputed swimming pool and ask them about standards and specifications they emloy- Be witty and wise :) . For drinking water purposes i would suggest everyone of you to go for RO-UV (ask Hema-Malini to install one for you) water purifier. Just don't go for cheap and desi products, you might think you are wise as you saved few thousand bucks but you never know actually you have just bought a
slow poison for yourself. Be wise and aware

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random Thought

Just a passing yet serious thought came to my mind one night with a mug of beer in one hand as to what i have achieved till now (I am 26 now). This wild thought gave me goose bumps and i gulped the remaining beer in one shot to give adrenaline push. I began by questioning back to my soul in search of satiating answers. After a while i was able to think this - I have a good network of a graduate from one of India's premier now self-sustaining individual.To be frank i don't find any value additions in me instead i have turned into hardcore addict. Few days back i started reading Ayn Rand's book 'The Virtue of Selfishness which she talked about Ethics and values. Values in one's life determine the purpose of his/her life which has been granted to him by almighty and Ethics are a set of rules that defines what is 'GOOD' or 'BAD'. What is good for me may be bad for you!!! So there is a ambiguity i feel. Why can't great philosophers like Ayn rand create standard Ehics for each one to follow? Say for example Mr X is working in IT company and he is not so good at technical skills but still he managed to grow faster just because he's a boot-licker. Other's more skillful are left behind since they consider licking against their ethics.Leaving it upon individual to decide upon Ethics is to create challenges or something else - need an answer. What does John Galt say- "It's the age of moral crisis." What is moral-code?
                                All i can imply is that i am going through moral-crisis. Need to bring a change. It's time to say,"BRING IT ON:CHEERS".

Friday, January 28, 2011


Man and Women are God's best creation in terms of beauty and anatomy. Many adolescents think that life is all about finding right Bolt for your Nut/screw but trust me if you go by that way you will feel dejected after few years of joy-ride and then you be out in the street with your bait to catch skimpy meals outside. In this post i will be discussing what people look out for in women and how i am different from them.
                                              I was happy being single till 25 but now i feel alienated. Sometimes i am doubtful about my orientation but i feel some breath when i pass a girl and my testosterone becomes active. When men approach a women the order they follow is Bust, Butt and lastly face (this is how we identify we are approaching a women). In present scenario nobody likes TFT or flatron. The point is that men mostly care about is Protuberance. O I am sorry!!! I am not talking about all men are same but few are like me too. If you ask me what i like in women is their 'FEET'. Strange na!!! But that's true. Whenever i see/meet a women i look at her feet first and then her face and rest comes later. Unhygienic, uncared feet are a Turn Off to me. Feet should be properly pedicured with some sober nail-polish on the nails and a comfortable Stiletto beneath the feet. Feet signifies a lot about the character. Well-maintained feet are an assurance that she is aware of her body and takes good care. I am pretty sure if you go by what i feel you are bound to get spellbound (emotional attachment is a different perspective) by that woman. Like feet Elbow joint is the other place which you should look for. Lastly i would recommend all women and men too to take good care of your body as it's your own and not rented.
Quote: When the body is clean and कोमल  love-making will be awesome.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


'HAPPY LOHRI' to all of you!!! It's been long i decided to post something on my blog but i couldn't motivate my inner self to get down to the task. Today, as usual i am in office and as have no work for me decided to Express Myself. Many events have happened in my life since i updated my blog wich i don't remember when. Last Sunday i attended #Indiblogger Meet at ISKCON Bengaluru. First time i attended at #Fortune Park, JP Celestial Bengaluru. Any mass gathering is good as we meet and get networked with lots of new people, share ideas and for those who still have relationship status in their #FB profile as single might get some lady luck :D, so far i am devoid of that. One such guy whom i met is Raghav Satish. He calls himself 'Legally Blind'. He wasn't congenially blind but in his early childhood he suffered from some disease. He didn't let his blindness be his weakness. He appeared in 13 interviews for different IT companies and got rejected everywhere except IBM. Currently he is working on various softwares to help disabled know about their ability. He is going to Mumbai to attend Click Asia Summit as a speaker. He is one such guy who stood out from the crowd and their were others too but the list would be unending.

                     Last year i spent winters at my hometown but this year i missed all the ice freezing climatic conditions. Winters this time is far more harsh than last year probably it's the effect of 'Global Warming. Without icy winter background theme and with no family around there is no motivation to celebrate 'Lohri', festival celebrated in northern India during winters. This year i decided to do it in style in Banglore. I googled about who are all organizing Lohri event in Bengaluru. There were 2 places in all who had posted details about Lohri celebration on night of 13th Jan. I called them up and i was surprised to know that they had no plans and apologized for posting wrong info on web. Till 6:00 PM on 13th i found no option as to where we'll celebrate Lohri. Be it Luck or there is one famous dialogue from bollywood movie that If u desire something deeply from the core of your heart, the whole creation works for you to get it (किसी चीज़ को अगर शिद्दत से पाने की कोशिश करो तो पूरी कायनात लग जाती है उसे पाने के लिए). So we were there at Holiday Village Resort, Kanakpura road, Bengaluru by 9:00 PM with a delay of 20 min as we went in the wrong direction (Totally my fault as i interpret Google map wrongly but thanks to Just dial we didn't get too far). It was full of masti, fun, enjoy with people dancing under 'Booze effect' on Punjabi songs around the bonfire. After party got over at 12 midnight on reaching room we again started boozing  and drank till 4:30 in the morning. I slept for 1 hour only to be there in some working condition at office. Next day was like hell for  me and my roommate with dizzy head, sleep but no sleep, no appetite for food. It took us full one day to recover from 13th hangover. With this i sign off for now to return with another post soon. Till then enjoy life and always be happy :).