Friday, October 30, 2009

The Worst Fear!!!

Finally i gathered enough courage to write one more post. Actually there are a lot many ideas in my mind these days but many of the ideas come and pass by because of my Day-Dreaming behavior or may be i am too lazy :P. Today i decided to do away with CAT ki padai and decided to put my thoughts into words. To start with let me ask you one question- Who do you fear most or What causes anxiety in you? For some it may be the fear of failure or dark or being robbed. There may be numerous answers but for me the worst fear is losing someone i love and care. "Origin of Suffering is Attachment" is one such Truth of life written by Swami Vivekananda. Attachment to anything be it Living(Human or Animal) or Nirjeev Vastu causes pain and suffering to the person to whom we love. Everytime this thought happens to cross my mind i get depressed but it's the cycle of nature (or Jeevan-Mrityu) that one who comes on this Earth has to depart one day. So why not just enjoy and stop fighting. Will there be love and peace on this Earth some day? I don't know nor you know it but only thing i know is that let's create a chain of happiness :P.

Starting Nov 1 Prepaid Sim cards are going to be banned all across J&K and NE. I am screwed now ;(. 3 days back i got my mobile number updated in my ICICI A/C and Demat account and everywhere possible. Now either i have to update new number or convert my older one to postpaid. And truly saying i hate doing these type of work which involves verification. I have an interesting post regarding this which i will be coming very soon......

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Shubh Deepawali!!!"

Jai Laxmi Mata!!! Deepa-Wali is the most popular festival of Hindu's celebrated all across Bharat. It is written in Ramayana( Great Epic of Hindu's ) by Valmiki that this day Lord Rama returned from 14 years exile. So from that day onwards people celebrate this day as Lord Rama's home coming. I wonder many a times is this a scientific confirmation or just that we heard from our ancestors as to celebrate Deepawali, we are doing it. Forget it, we can't argue on this and their are certain things that need to be accepted as they are. This day as usual i got up at 12 in the morning :P and listened to my favourite CD of Nusrat Ali Baba. Today i made roti's for me and after self-made breakfast i went out to relative's home like a marketing guy selling soap and powder. This Deepawali was special for me as for the first time i decided to do away with crackers and have a smoke-free deepawali. I used to remember the times when at Deepawali we used to wear Blazers. But now the climate has changed a lot and at this time there is no signs of cold although nights have become slightly colder. We need to think, not only think but work out something for the environment to save it from further destruction. If every citizen contributes 0.00001% then whole of this world can help build this planet a Greener Zone to live in. Other changes that i noticed this time: Earlier we used to have a lot of sweets but now people prefer to purchase juice, biscuits, gift items and dry fruit. Now Deepawali has turned into Brand Deepawali. On the whole our festivals like Holi, Deepawali, navratra, ganesh immersion etc are all unfriendly with our environment. They cause harm to nature in one way or the other. But faith and belief of people is so strong that they don't see any defects in it. Finally at 12:40 A.M i am dead tired and will reach for my bed as soon as i click "Publish Post".

P.S : Someone said," If you want to change the world, then you are the one who will start first and the world will follow suit." Enjoy and have a safe and prosperous Deepawali!!!!