Monday, May 23, 2016

The Wrong 'Touch'...

On one regular Monday morning, Sunita woke up to the cacophonic sound of the alarm at 06:00 AM. She prepared morning breakfast for her husband and 4 year old daughter, Iha in a hushed manner. After dropping Iha to her school bus she began getting ready for her office. She kissed her husband on her forehead and left for metro station. As it was already peak hours she didn’t get a seat in metro and was upset over the fact that even ladies reserved seat was occupied by women passengers. As the metro moved closer to the heart of the city, it got more and more packed. No place to even breathe and people jostling to find a square inch to stand. In such a crowd, there are people with filthy mind who tend to find ways to feel women at the wrong areas. But I must tell you, God has given women a special power to identify between wrong and good touch. Sunita was standing holding the bar when she suddenly felt something bony hard moving on her bum. She glanced back with a tough look but she noticed a innocent looking boy in his early twenties giving her a sheepish smile. She ignored him. After few minutes she again noticed some movement on her back now. She turned around and spotted the same young boy. This time she couldn’t control her anger and bluntly told him to be in his limits or less he will get a beating of his lifetime. Meanwhile the train reached Rajiv Chowk metro station. She had to get down to change the line. As a usual scene at Rajiv Chowk metro station, the people outside are more enthusiastic to board than allowing passengers inside to get down. The reason there is always a jam like situation. Sunita was getting down and a man from the opposite direction was coming in and when they were almost few inches apart he pushed Sunita at her chest and went inside. Sunita was left shocked and stunned. She was damn sure it was a deliberate attempt to press her breasts and not an accident. All this is a regular scene in Delhi metro and I am sure this must be a regular scene in any public transport. The purpose of my writing this post is to let all male chauvinist men realize that they do have sisters, mothers at home and someday karma will hit them back. It is high time to understand that women are not mere object of enjoyment but they are also human beings. Learn to give them respect they deserve. They too have the same right to live free on this planet as you have. I hope you have learnt a lesson. 

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Shilpa Gupte said...

I have experienced this a lot during my travels. Be it Delhi or Mumbai or any other city, such perverts exist everywhere. It is shocking and annoying, to say the least! I truly hope they get it good; and that Karma takes over some day and teaches them the lesson of a life time!
Well written, Nishit. :)

Nishit said...

Thank you for reading my post and providing your suggestions :)