!!!Life in a Fast Lane!!!

It has been 10 months I have bid adieu to Bangalore to be landed in the ‘Bhaiya’ capital of India. After having lived in Bangalore for 5 years, I have become resistant to the scorching summers and bone chilling winters of North India. The solution to winter season is easy: bunk classes-stay under your quilt-wear woollens and keep a bottle of ‘Old Monk XXX Rum’ all time with you. Thank God I didn’t have to face the brunt of Delhi winters and the season was passed joyfully. But now I am facing the wrath of Sun God. And worst of all I have do my 6-8 weeks of summer intern-ship. God has been very unkind with me these days. I am a late riser and these days I have to get up at 06:00 in the morning to be in office by 09:00. I have been commuting for about 4 hours in Delhi metro plus shared auto daily. I never had any kind of skin problems before in my life but in these 10 months I am getting one after the other skin related ailments. और गर्मी तो ऐसे है की बर्फ की सिल्ली लेकर चलना बेहतर है. Let me share my observations on the people of NCR.

If you happen to travel in a metro during peak hours, you will be astonished to see the crowd in such a rush. People are running from one end to other and making every effort to catch a foot space in metro if not a place to sit. I do not understand the fact that when we have a metro running every 2-5 minutes then why people want to get on the metro which is already jam packed and no place to even breathe. For shorter persons like me, we get crushed in the crowd and worst of all our nose gets blinded by the seat soaked under arms of taller commuters. It gets even worse when a fart machine is travelling with you. Usually it takes me about 90 minutes from Noida sector-15 to Dwarka sector-12 and I have now observed umpteen ways how people spend their travel time. Some prefer to take a power nap while others listen to FM radio, play games, read novels, gossip (very common among school kids or couples) and quite a few like me secretly scans pretty women. And coming to expenses, Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida are damn expensive cities as compared with Bangalore or Hyderabad. Boozing in an AC bar in Gurgaon/Delhi will pay heavily on your pocket. Lastly a  caution to all the first time visitors to the city of ‘Bhaiyas’, keep your eyes and mind wide open lest बंदे यहाँ के कब मुहँ से हाथ डाल के पिछवाड़े से निकलेंगे पता भी नही चलेगा.   

P.S. ‘Bhaiya’ is not to be taken seriously. The word is used just to create humour. Otherwise I have huge respect for people from UP/Bihar as they are better known for building India.


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