'Fresh N Pure' , I call it 'Magic'

Alas!!! The day which every single bourgeois human being try to deceive has yet again arrived. It is a part of a cycle which is unavoidable. People call it Monday; I call it 'Shrieking Monday' after a fantastic 'freaking Sunday and Saturday. To avoid the morning hustle and bustle of the city traffic, I take a early head start from home. In fact, the secret to my early start is to avoid anger of my bald boss on reaching late to office. My office is a sweet 30 minutes drive from my home, without a single minute stoppage at red light. Before I start from home, I give a call to one of my #FreshNHappy colleague who lives at the end of the street. After picking her up we hit the Indian road to our office. It would be a waste of time to explain here how tidy and clean we bachelors are. We wear same underwear 'inside out' for 2-3 days. We don't care if are socks are dirty and emanating a pungent smell more bad than rotten egg. But yes we do care to look #FreshNHappy always. We apply gel, comb our hair well and spray half bottle of deodorant on our body. Infact we owe a lot to the revenue of deodorant companies. But we do at times brazen ourselves by secretly farting in public. Back to my car where I and my colleague, Rachita are inching closer to our office with every passing second. This is the only time when I want the clock to stop and I can feel the morning freshness of her wet hair. To make the mood more romantic, I switch on the A/C and play some soft Kishore da's songs on stereo player. It has been couple of months before we started car pooling to office. Since that day, I fell for her and I am pretty sure it is a one sided story but I don't want to take any chances and not telling my feelings for her. All these thoughts were raveling in my mind when all of a sudden a huge bump on the road went unnoticed and the jerk creates a pressure which I am unable to withhold. The result was a 'silent biological blast'. Before I open the window, the polluted air had entered Rachita's nostrils. She looked at me like a sheriff has caught a thief and I feel really embarrassed. In exasperation, I too cover my nose and abuse the Indian unhygienic surroundings. Somehow I reach office and the day ended in a sad note. In the evening, I sat with my friend Monk to share my grief. All of a sudden, an advertisement about #Ambi #Pur mini vent clip appeared on TV. A heap of rotten smelling specimen was placed besides blind-folded persons and was told to smell the air. No surprise what the reaction would be. I decided to give it a try and if it worked then I can avoid such embarrassing situations in future. Above all I can fart as much as I can. Thanks to #Ambi #Pur for giving such a magical device which really makes atmosphere #FreshNHappy. I am married to Rachita and we have two beautiful kids.


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