First of all i am sorry for being out the blogging picture for so long. Actually, there are reasons for this. First Blogspot is blocked in Satyam network and secondly, i was bit busy in finding solace/truth. Finally i succeded in my effort and i promise you that i will keep posting post from now on regularly. In this post i will discuss only about what i went through in the past one month or so. After 7th Jan era, there was a lot of chaos in Satyam regarding firing. This made me somewhat very insecure and frustrated. Also the excitment of getting into project was dying in me beacuse i came into reality how project works here. No logical work!!! A small kid can do the task that we were asked to do. Sometimes i feel that why i am in this fucking testing circle. As Bagga says "Enjoyment should be there", so i thought to fing some task in which i can enjoy. The moment i got when i got one mail from Satyam Foundation. They have organised SUMMER CAMP in which every weekend one trip is organised to any one of the underprivileged shelter homes. I enjoy a lot over there being with the kids. We play, we laugh, we dance and lots more. Now i will answer about what happens in office??? From the last 10 days our project cycle is completed and next cycle is scheduled after 6 weeks. So, literally speaking there is no work in office. I reach office by 11 A.M and do trading till market hours are over and then i do blogging on satyam blogs. Now our Project FLCL has started new sayapa.....Training on QTP is being given to all team members. The same training we have been trained 5 months back. Now i am afraid that after training whether we will be having an OLA or not??? Oh ya the best thing that i liked was CPL(Citi Premier League). I enjoyed a lot and made handsome 35 runs but were not enough to save my team. That all what i had to say about my life. Also the good or bad whatever you may say is that my thirst for Sharaab has increased(almost every weekend and that too continuous 3 days). But i have reduced my Ciggi intake to 2 or 3(max). So, bbye and post your comments. I will be back with my another post in a few days. Hope you enjoy reading it.


abhishek gupta said…
welcome back first.....
in blogging nd in bench too..i may be following u soon :)
congrats for 35 runs contribution..
Tarun Goel said…
I don't want any regrets from your side :D because you write and analyze very well, keep writing

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