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Are you scared of Ghosts? Have you ever seen a ghost or a witch? I think most of you will say ‘NO’ . Now I rephrase my question like this one : Have you heard of Ghost stories in your town??? Absolutely ‘a strong YES’. Nobody has seen ghost in his real life but still we are afraid when we watch a horror movie or when we are alone at home esp. at night. Why this is so? I think this is all because of the data that has been fed into our mind when we were young by our very respected elder people. And this data is non-erasable. Once we are afraid of dark then no power on earth can remove this fear. Actually we feel afraid because at that time we are in unconcious state. If we manage to remain in concious state in any situation we tackle everything but it requires one to focus his whole energy to the seven tatvas. Only few individuals have done that in the past( Buddha, Vivekananda, and more).Let's not get into intricate details of this as it will become a topic of debate rather than a Post. so, this Sunday I saw one such documentary. It is about three students somewhere in America who decided to do some research on witches. So they went out on an adventurous trip to the woods. They spend 4 nights in the woods and the nights were freaking frightening. At times they had their hearts jumping out in their hands. Their Ass was on fire and still you hear them saying ‘I am Ok, I am not scared’. Then when they woke up one night one of their friend goes missing. Then other problems appear like one freak guy kicks the map and they get hungry and tired to explore the woods anymore. I don’t understand what type of these fucking Americans are??? First they go out on adventure and then they cry and beg for help in the woods. At last the two guys left couldn’t survive the witchcraft and lay dead deep in the woods. If you get a chance please see ‘The Blair Witch Project’…………………………..


Maya said…
the docuemtry stuff might just be a drama.

its normal that if we see a ghost film then we will feel afraid, if we see a funny film we will fee happy, thats as normal as normal could get..
its not about the data fed into us, its just how the mind reacts,,

i dont belive in ghost or such things so i rarely feel afraid in that, but i m afraid of loosing my mind.. if i see psychological drama i feel afraid.. that i might become mad.. actually once i had become mad for a week

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