Who's Fault?

Place: Jammu
Where in Jammu: Just outside my house
Date: 6th Nov 2009

Incident: Just outside my house there is a tri-junction . So it becomes mandatory to blow HORN but unfortunately people in India are in such a hurry that they don't care. Not only Horn is necessary one should slow down a bit at curves. Due to these mistakes or rather i would say 'Blunders' the screeching sound is very common. My dad always warns me to blow horn and pass slowly till the lane is over. But today i happened to witness one such road accident. As usually i woke up at 12 Noon and was about to take a bath when i heard screeching sound- A scooter and a auto rickshaw has collided. The owner of scooter held that poor autowaala and was asking 1000 bugs from him and that autowaala was almost in tears( God help the poor masses). I interfered and asked that scooter waala to first leave his shirt and talk sensibly or approach a *thulaa for *maandawli. That guy was adamant and kept repeating 1000, 1000, 1000....Then i inspected the crime scene and visualised how the accident might have happened. Actually both were at fault though Autowaala was a bit rash. But the matter of fact is that no one had got any injuries and their vehicles were also intact - No damage. All of us tried convincing the guy to leave the poor guy but he was stone stuck at his position. Later i told the autowaala to get a thulaa and get the matter resolved. The scooter waala left the poor guy and picked his scooter and started leaving crying foul over the matter. May be he got scared by the call of thulaa or whatever but the matter finished.
Don't know who's at fault but one should remember accidents happen when both parties are at fault. Fight is not the solution. For me that scooter waala becomes a loser because everyone there was supporting poor guy!!! One statement of the scooter guy infuriated me as he said that you are a "Hindu" and me too. There i decided to not let him exploit the poor fellow anymore. From where the issue of Hindu or Muslim came? I am still puzzled.....

For the Last couple of days such incidents are happening with me. Sometimes i get stuck in traffic and help resolve the traffic or at other times get myself involved in brawl with neighbours over garbage issue. Once i asked one aunty as not to throw garbage on road instead throw it in dustbin. But the lady didn't admit her mistake and finally i had to finish the talk. How people are so adamant? Why people can't say sorry? Does sorry make them small? I can't understand......if you please help me answer this............


Ankesh at Talk said…
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Ankesh at Talk said…
Dude congrats for doing responsible wrk... I will try to answer u..
If instead u going and asking that aunty to use dustbin some police wala or some army man had asked then she must have follwed the order.. We are feudal society and we believe in following and giving order rather accepting a request or requesting people..
For the scooter wala...
If we take a stand in any situation we support that till d end whether we are at fault or not.. Same happened wid that scooter wala.. He has taken a stand so he has to defend himself...and dis incident isin Jammu and he turns out to be i Hindu he tried to cash in on d situation of Hinduism and d perception that hindu is in minority and on d eceiving end of d suffering from society.. Its pure hupocricy of a hypocrite society

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