Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fatwa Against "Vande Mataram"

India has become a land of controversies and every day we come to know about something new, and this time a newer controversy is before us all. Some Muslim clerics( called Dharma ke Rakshak. Who gave then the right to decide what is right and wrong? Don't they have any work to do at their home?) in Deoband passed a fatwa against singing of Vande Mataram.
Vande Mataram means bowing before thee and for muslims bending before any other (not even your parents) than Allah is considered against their policy of MONOTHEISM. What i don't understand is this:
Who has written Quran?
Who told them not to bend before any other except Allah?
What will happen if they do such acts?
Who are these bunch of people carrying out the FATWA? If they don't want then ok, why are they making it compulsory for every Muslim. If someone choses not to say VM then he is free to do but going public with such disclosure is not at all justfiable.
Such acts like this one or Ram mandir issue are very sensitive issues and one should think about the consequences before going public................Open to all of you now!!!!!


Tarun Goel said...

Fuck them all :)

Uncommon Sense said...

prophet mohammed wrote kuran i guess

Nishit said...

@ US
Yes ur right!

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