Nearly 2 months of exile from blogosphere, i again logged in to start writing blogs again. I don't know what kept me away from blogosphere but that's true that i didn't feel like writing or even following blogs. But from past 3 or 4 days a strong urge came from bottom of my heart and i logged in to I tried logging but could not remember the password. Oh man i even forgot the password and it took me 4 days to get new password. Actually i have a tendency to forget passwords or username (I even forgot password for CAT login....Please help me how to recover that). The reason for staying away is not yet known to me but it may be the MBA exams.......But now i assure you i will be regular to blogging and even follow blogs.


Ankesh at Talk said…
Welcome back:)

and for help use one password for all ur login.. :P
I to had forgeten my CAT password :D
Uncommon Sense said…
using the same pasword is the solution, i do the same, its risky but still its the best option
Nishit_Vasudeva said…
@ everyone
Thanks for the suggestion
vicious said…
hope to catch up with your blogs ..i 2 (like US)keep the same password everywhere..

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