.....Contd Tour Diary

...so u saw #Hogenakkal Falls in my last post. Hope you liked it the way i portrayed. Time to move on to our next destination- #COORG. Coorg is known as "Scotland of India" - that sounds cool isn't it. You can enjoy the awesome weather of coorg along with roaming in #Coffee plantation. After me, vinod and prabhat came back after our wonderful #Ravaan boat ride we were totally exhausted with the hot and humid weather. Hemant who surrendered himself well before going just half the mark was crying in the car. He was insisting that he will go back to room once we reach banglore as Banglore would fall in our way to Coorg. So to calm him down, we gave him some #Chilled Beer( it's rare occasion when u get chilled beer in Tamil Nadu). Finally we set out for #Coorg. We were so tired because of the heat and most importantly we had only Dosa's in the morning. All fell asleep once we travelled just few Kilometers. One important information- there are two ways to reach Coorg from Hogenakkal. One is shortest one but you need to cross some Barricade before 6'O Clock else you have stay in the jungle for whole night and moreover on that way you might find wild animals. As we were shortof time decided unanimously to go by longest route. Everything was going according to Murphy's plan. After one hour was passed we asked Cabwaala to stop at some dhaba for evening tea. I must tell you if you are travelling anywhere in North India you will find numerous Dhabas on your way but on our journey we found very less that i can count on my finger tips. We were about 60 Kms away from Bengluru when at a T-Junction our Cabwaala stopped to enquire about the right route. He took a left turn from there and SPLASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..............................................

                Oh Uncle Murphy........how are you??????

                                    It was just a slight turn and a bikewaala coming from behind at supersonic speed hit our cab at the bumper and he went skidding off the road for 50 meters. Damage to our cab was done but we all looked for the youngistaan of India. He was holding his head. He was bleeding and suddenly a poliwaala came and he was rushed to hospital. After that thing i thought why i was not the first person to get off and helped that young one. Don't know but something stopped me. Leave me neither any local man from the accident scene rushed towards the boy. Instead they flocked our vehicle from all sides and started talking in Tamil, i guess. Then the policewaala asked us to come to station as it wasn't safe to stand there. We knew that we are standing in an Alien land so we followed as they said.  All four of us looked at each other and smiled and said,"It's all over." If this accident would have happened in #North India then the people would have given our driver such a beating which not only he but we also would have remembered throughout our lives. People in North are always ready to mingle in fights even thought they are nowhere related to that guy. Don't know whether they are so caring for others or they want to vent out some frustration. So, after story is that our cab was #detained and we waited at Police Station for 4 #fucking hours on assurance of cabwaala that he has arranged some other cab which will take us to #Banglore (Home Sweet Home which we were desperately lookig for). No food nothing, only dosa in the morning and we were standing at police station liek 4 #Idiots for no crime of ours. It might be the curse of not telling #Ankesh about the trip or might be that our trip was cancelled previously and we again rescheduled it in a short span of time. Finally when no cab came we decided to take bus to electronic city. On reaching room we ordered for #Beer and drank like as if we have reached at #Coorg. First time we planned an outing with all the roommates and this is how it ended. Next time we will pray to Murphy before leaving for any trip. Hope you have seen the pics of #Hogenakkal on my Facebook account else i will post pics here later. As i am in office right now i am helpless.

                            We will complete this incomplete journey very soon ;).............

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