Osama shot dead by US navy Seals- a huge sigh of relief for US administration and ofcourse to all those who lost their beloved in twin-tower attack. It took almost a decade and billions of US dollars for US defense, considered to be equipped with latest technology to hunt down Osama. It all started wit Mr Bush but ended it well by Mr Obama- Congratulations sir. But have we ever thought what implications it left on the two countries- US of course which was directly involved and India ('coz PAK resorted to playing it's age old blame game as they have no guts to say anything to US). Why Pasha warned India if we are planning to takeout any US like attack in future, then they too have identified Indian targets and are ready. Mr Pasha first you check your radar monitoring system else in future you will be reduced to rubble in next 40 minutes. Secondly, US had to go through it's worst phase of economic slowdown. Seeing US getting desperate to hunt down Osama for a decade make me or you which i assume to doubt it's intelligence. Rodents, mosquitoes, flies are around us but what will people call me if i spend around 50K to clear only one of them out- crazy jerk, isn't it. Just like that Osama is just one kind of rodent. US foolishly had spent so much amount of currency on killing of one man and feeling poud of themselves but i feel Osama was foresighted person. After successful accomplishment of 9/11 Osama knew US will someday hunt him down so how ould you expect him not to have planned his death beforehand.Even his last hideout in Abbottabad is built like a fortress. No internet, no connectivity to outside world but still he would get regular updates and send messages. How??? May be ISI orsome black sheeps in PAK administration. whomsoever it will be a mystery unsolved. Recently in one article US said Osama used to download emails to a Pen-drive and read it offline. This way he averted the risk of being traked. I couldn't understand the principle behind this but i am sure that must be a foolproof technique. i feel Objective of Osama was not bad but his methods were wrong but one thing one can't deny that Osama had a calculative mind. Huge collection of porn was found in Osama's computer- read one website of popular news publication. It's very bad to intrude into someone's personal life. To make all his wives satisfy with his love he had to take Viagra pills, nothing wrong in this.
With Osama no more among us let's pray his soul rests in peace and pray to God to give some wisdom to his followers to stop bloodshed else they too will meet the same end.


JP said…
Nice one bro.. Enjoyed it :)
Nishit said…
@JP thanks...injoiment s the sole motive of my blog page ;)

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